Our Values


Dedicated to finding a better way, the right way

Far from just pretty words framed and posted on the wall, our values are actionable and authentic, lived out by every person at our company in every community we call home. Our values enable us to not only adapt to change, but to be the change. To foster innovation that helps our customers grow. To invest in people and relationships. To trust in ourselves and each other. To do the right thing. To continually seek a better way so we are the best at what we do – so that our customers are the best at what they do. By living our values, we are free to work hard, pursue excellence and have a lot of fun along the way.

The Time Capsule

Our values shape our past, present and future


I don't think there's any right way or wrong way to run a business, but if there's a monument to be made, it's the values that are instilled in the business, and hopefully those values will live long after me.

Harry V. Quadracci Founder, 1936-2002

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  • Grow

      • Promote company growth
      • Promote personal growth
      • Improve share value
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  • Believe in people

      • Respect and help each other
      • Treat each other equally
      • Build relationships
      • Share knowledge
      • Bottom-up management
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  • Have fun

      • Work hard, play hard
      • Celebrate achievements
      • Reconnect with others
      • Enjoy family, friends
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  • Make money

      • Think like an owner
      • Assume responsibility
      • Improve company earnings
      • Improve personal earnings
      • Security for yourself, family
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Over time every company must change and adapt to remain competitive. Ours included. However, one thing that will never change is our core values.

Joel Quadracci Chairman, President & CEO
  • Trust in trust

      • Trust in each other
      • Trust in yourself
      • Trust that together we can do more
      • Trust that there’s always a better way
      • Invest in relationships
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  • Do the right thing

      • Be honest
      • Be responsible
      • Be accountable
      • Play fair
      • Show integrity
      • Keep your promises
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  • Do things for the rose

      • Pursue excellence as a goal
      • Invest in yourself
      • Invest in community, world
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  • Innovate

      • Dare to think differently
      • Foster breakaway ideas
      • Question the status quo
      • Take calculated risks
      • Encourage creativity
      • Exceed client expectations
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