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For more information, e-mail Gruff, our environmental spokesgoat.

Print Works.

In todays new world of ink on paper, communication options have greatly expanded. While not receiving as much attention as new electronic channels of communication such as podcasting, mobile messaging and blogs, todays ink-on-paper technologies are igniting a marketing revolution of their own.

The effectiveness of modern printing techniques means publishers and marketers can create targeted, relevant printed messages and then connect them with other forms of media to send the right type of message to the right people at the right time. And it makes more economic (and environmental) sense to send out targeted information versus massive amounts of generic copies.

Print offers a clear advantage over digital media such as e-mail, according to Eric Bradlow, marketing professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. "Many people see e-mail as impersonal and costless to write," Mr. Bradlow says. "People want to feel special. In marketing terms, e-mail is transactional; paper is relational."

Ed Manzitti, chief researcher at the Direct Marketing Association, goes a step further by saying that paper is both relational and transactional. "Print is very much a potent channel for marketers," he says. "It has a flexibility that online doesn't offer to the same degree, and it has the possibility of tremendous personalization. But the biggest attraction may be simply that people read it -- to a degree they don't read e-mail. The marketer can include four or five pages of words with the expectation it will get read. An e-mail? You better make it short and punchy, because that's all you can expect will be read -- maybe."


I believe the best environmental solutions are those that are sustainable, especially from an economic perspective. Whether were engineering more efficient technology or seeking like-minded vendors, were diligent about conserving energy and raw materials, minimizing waste and controlling emissions. Thats why, when making a business decision, we start by asking two basic questions. Is it good for business? Is it good for the environment?

Like many companies in the printing industry, Quad/Graphics is committed to environmental protection. At the same time we are dedicated to grow our business for the benefit of our employees, our customers and our communities. Our industry is proving that the two approaches are not mutually exclusive. For example, in Wisconsin, where printing is a major industry with more than 1,000 printing companies or departments employing 45,000 employees, it accounts for less than 4 percent of both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Taking better care of our world is common-sense management. Recycling and reducing waste helps control our expenses for raw materials and waste management without compromising the quality of ink-on-paper we provide to our customers.

Joel Quadracci
Chairman, President & CEO

How Green Is Your Printer?

Quad/Graphics has prepared specific questions that should be included as part of every request for proposal (RFP) to suppliers especially printers. The questions are based on our decades of sustainability experience.

Environmental RFP Questions

What Others Are Saying
About Quad

"I don't think the general public knows enough about the significant efforts Quad does to go above and beyond what's required of them."

Scott Manley, Environmental Policy Director with Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce

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