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Find your advantage  

Get more action from your print piece.

In today’s multichannel marketplace, cost per response is the true test of value. As the leader in catalog production, Quad/Graphics produces billions of catalogs yearly. Just as importantly, we help catalogs connect with individuals and integrate with Web, e-mail and other media. We handle it all with best-in-industry tools, technologies, services, people – everything you need in one place, seamlessly integrated to deliver the most effective results in the fastest, most efficient way. And to dramatically reduce your cost per response along the way.

A better way for better ROI

Quad is a single-source solution for smart planning and execution of your variable data, print and multichannel campaigns. We help you improve your strategy, shorten turnaround times, customize your content, reduce costs, strengthen loyalty and, best of all, boost response and revenues.

  • Broaden brand awareness across channels. Quad experts in print, creative, data analytics, list acquisition, interactive, mobile and social media collaborate to develop and implement impactful, data-driven, integrated marketing strategies that build your customer base and increase retention and response.
  • Engage and drive response. Our advanced demographic binding capabilities combine with our data management expertise for greater flexibility to tailor your catalog, personalize messages and zero in on key target markets. Cost per response is significantly lower and orders are larger.
  • Get attention. To engage and drive response, our advanced print platform easily accommodates the most imaginative marketing ideas: inserts, attention-getting inks, tip-ons, belly banding, paper- and polywrapping, dot whack and a full range of personalization techniques. Plus, our integrated inline presses can produce all the pieces of a multicomponent promotion in a single operation for unmatched speed, flexibility and efficiency.
  • More relevance. Quad’s marketing strategists can collaborate with you offering strategies for list acquisition, creative, print, data analytics, interactive, mobile and social media.
  • Grow customer value. Fueled by customer insight and trigger events, we give your catalog the power to drive brand experiences on the Web, mobile devices and other media and create more profitable, long-term relationships.
  • Better quality, faster. With one of the industry’s most modern print platforms, we deliver superior quality even on the most challenging print projects. Your brand looks great. Your catalog gets attention. And it all happens faster and more smoothly than ever.
  • Cost-effective testing for best results. Our talented direct marketing team can help you test different targeting approaches to see what works best for your catalog with minimal impact on your budget.
  • Speed time to market. Quad’s automated publishing, asset management and imaging tools remove process bottlenecks and increase productivity, while improving accuracy, quality and turnaround time.
  • Smooth workflow. Our streamlined page-building services greatly improve your collaboration, speed and workflow efficiency and are seamlessly connected to our printing workflow.
  • Eliminate undeliverables. Our delivery optimization services ensure that your address file is pristine to reduce wasted mail and help your print and postage dollars work harder to generate response.
  • Optimize mailing and distribution. Our massive co-mail volume is the industry’s largest, generating the best net value for our clients. Plus, our global network of facilities brings your printing, binding and distribution closer to you and your end users. Your catalog arrives in-home faster and in better condition.
  • Streamline multi-channel delivery. Our print-to-Web technology and Digital Editions give you the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective solution for leveraging your print assets across channels while maintaining brand consistency. Plus, our innovative XML-based custom publishing engine provides the ability to translate your content almost instantly for output through varied and multiple channels.
  • Reduce environmental impact. From recommending designs that minimize ink and paper waste to ensuring up-to-date, targeted mailing lists to eliminate undeliverable or duplicate mail, Quad is focused on minimizing environmental impact. We provide documentation that helps you in meeting your own green initiatives, too.

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