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Making an impression and inspiring action through print.

To compete with other media for more response, your mailpiece must speak volumes — plus say just the right thing to just the right person at just the right time. That means doing more to ensure your mailpiece is timely, relevant and engaging. And it needs to be done as cost effectively as possible.

As an industry leader in direct mail production, Quad produces and mails millions of pieces daily. We take a powerful, integrated and strategic approach to creating effective direct mail while reducing your cost per response.

  • Engage and drive higher response. Quad experts in direct marketing strategy, list acquisition, interactive, creative, print, data analytics, interactive, mobile and social media collaborate with you to develop and implement impactful, customized, data-driven multichannel communications that engage your customers and improve your business both today and in the future. We can also help you test different targeting methods to see what works best for your print and media campaign with minimal impact on your budget.
  • Enhance relevancy and revenues. Our advanced direct mail production capabilities and data management expertise allow us to create targeted, relevant mail pieces at any quantity so you can zero in on target markets more efficiently. Your cost per response is significantly lowered.
  • Get attention. To engage your audience and drive higher response rates, we provide the most innovative direct mail solutions: advanced personalization techniques, attention-getting inks and coatings, and a wide range of unique print formats, including polywrap, paper wrap and shrink wrap packages.
  • Grow customer value. We can help integrate your print with a broad spectrum of other channels, including mobile devices, email, the Web and social media. Your customers can choose their preferred communications channel, creating more profitable long-term relationships for you.
  • Reduce costs. For maximum efficiencies, run your most targeted short-run direct mail, along with tests and trigger mailings, on our state-of-the-art digital and conventional package production platform. Personalization and selectivity can be integrated into each solution.
  • Eliminate undeliverables. Our delivery optimization services ensure that your address file is pristine to reduce wasted mail and help your print and postage dollars work harder to generate response.
  • Speed time to market. Our advanced inline press equipment produces completely personalized and finished mailpieces in one press pass. The result is unmatched speed to market and productivity, format flexibility and cost effectiveness.
  • Optimize mailing and distribution. Quad’s mail volume delivers more mail pieces deeper into the postal system, reducing postal expense and transportation costs. We also offer a complete range of mailing solutions to minimize your postage costs.
  • Streamline multichannel delivery. Our print-to-Web technology gives you the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective solution for creating digital versions of your print with the most interactive features in the marketplace.
  • Reduce environmental impact. From recommending designs that minimize ink and paper waste to ensuring up-to-date, targeted mailing lists to eliminate undeliverable mail, Quad is focused on minimizing environmental impact. We provide documentation that helps you in meeting your own green initiatives, too.

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Listen to one of our direct marketing experts explain how direct mail remains your best investment for measurable ROI.

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Direct Mail

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