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Find your advantage  

Drive more traffic from Web to register.

Quad is the largest producer of retail inserts in North America which means we can offer you more talent and more tools in more places to create more profitable inserts. With our expanded capacity and capabilities, we streamline and improve your results through innovative strategies, faster turnaround times, reduced costs and, best of all, increased revenues and profits.

Inserts that work harder for you

Making your inserts stand out depends on your ability to produce something unique. From tabloids to broadsheets, from flexies to press-finished catalogs, and rotary trimmer capabilities, Quad gives you more ways to help your print promotions drive store traffic and more ways to integrate your marketing channels to ensure return on your marketing dollars.

  • Generate traffic, from Web to register. Quad's expansive capabilities enable us to create specialized retail promotion solutions. We can generate impactful inserts by geographical location and market segments, including department and discount stores, as well as specialty apparel, electronics, home improvement, office supply, pharmacy, sporting goods, grocery and other retailers.
  • Local, Regional, and National footprint with heatset and coldset production to produce any size job to your specifications and schedule.
  • Value-added services to provide expert implementation support at any stage of advertising insert development, design, production, or placement.
  • Client advisory services to help you optimize your premedia, print, and media processes and get more from your print advertising program investment.
  • Complete program implementation and management services to make it easy for your company to focus on your core business and let our experts cost-effectively prepare, produce, and deliver your program.
  • Increase relevance and cut costs. Multiple locations, multiple formats and multiple channels allow you to create and deliver increasingly targeted, relevant and timely retail promotions in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Broaden brand awareness across channels. Our experts in retail, catalog and direct marketing collaborate to develop customized retail marketing solutions in multiple print and related channels. We help build your customer base and increase retention and response with impactful retail inset, catalog, direct mail, point-of-purchase, interactive online, mobile and social media.
  • Get attention. Our extensive retail insert platform offers multiple processes (offset and gravure) in a variety of cut-off sizes. This gives you even more ways to differentiate your retail inserts from your competitors.
  • Flexible and efficient. Our extensive North American network of gravure and offset presses delivers unmatched efficiency, quality and flexibility. We're ready to deliver on whatever you need, when you need it.
  • Better quality, faster. Quad's automated publishing and asset management tools remove process bottlenecks and increase productivity, while improving accuracy, quality and turnaround time.
  • Optimize distribution. Our strategic geographic locations provide the fastest and most efficient distribution of retail newspaper inserts for national, regional and local plans.

Unique products that grab more attention

  • Inserts2online Maximize the reach of your insert advertising. Today's shoppers spend more time researching and buying online than ever. Inserts2online (I2O) gives you an easy way to capture customers online by transforming your printed advertising inserts into interactive, sales-boosting web content. I20 enables shoppers to build customized online shopping lists, opt in for club card incentives and emails, search for neighborhood stores, print coupons, and share recipes and product information over the social network. Plus now I20 is optimized for mobile, so your customers can view products, get email updates and tweak their shopping lists at the store, or whenever it's convenient.
  • ADhesives Note: Give your advertising inserts "late-breaking" impact and "limited time" urgency with our ADhesives sticky-notes.
  • ADhesives Wrap: A Quad exclusive, this full-length wrap maximizes your advertising real estate and can be versioned to match local promotions.
  • ADhesives Label: This unique product offers three printable surfaces for variable peel-and-reveal coupons, games, sweepstakes, and loyalty programs.
  • ADhesives Response Card: Turn your advertising insert into a powerful direct response vehicle by tipping on a business reply card (BRC) using Quad Adhesives Response Cards.
  • Designer Edge: Increase your visibility and readership with a graphic die-cut edge to showcase special events or promotions. Scalloped or jagged edges can effectively mimic products like eggs, tires, ornaments, or grass.
  • Wide-Angle: The wide expanse of space on this tri-fold advertising insert gets you more visual impact and space for important copy. The offset fold creates a natural promotional area along the side to instantly draw your customer's eye to special offers and co-op advertising.
  • Interfold: With its smaller size, high-quality stock, and creative, interactive folds inside, this magazine or catalog-style advertising insert product uses a high-end look and feel to powerfully present products and services.

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