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Quad/Graphics News
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Quad/Graphics and Winkowski Announce
New Leadership Appointments and Capital Investments
in Poland-Based Winkowski

To better serve magazine publishers, catalogers and retailers throughout Poland and Europe, U.S.-based Quad/Graphics and Poland-based Winkowski have augmented company leadership and committed to capital investments totaling 35 million USD (72 million PLN) at Winkowski.

Further, now that Quad/Graphics has a majority ownership in Winkowski (since December 2007), the company will be rebranded QuadWinkowski to reflect the combined resources of the two companies.

Quad/Graphics and Winkowski have been business partners for 10 years and are remarkably consistent in their approach to conducting business. They share many similar values and practices, including maintaining close relationships with clients and vendors. Company leadership will continue to support the same values and practices.

"Our company always has been about building meaningful business relationships, and that will continue with both clients and vendors," said Tadeusz Winkowski, Founder of Winkowski. "We will remain consistent in our approach to serving customers and working with vendors."

Added Joel Quadracci, President & CEO of Quad/Graphics: "Quad/Graphics and Winkowski have enjoyed a successful partnership for a decade now and we're building on that success. We are committed to strengthening operations and our European presence for the benefit of clients."

New Leadership Appointments
New leadership appointments will augment existing company leadership, and provide management and client service continuity.

Tadeusz Winkowski, who founded the printing company in 1998 and has directed the company’s rapid expansion to date, has been namedChairman of the company’s Supervisory Board. In this role, he will provide strategic vision for ongoing corporate growth.

Tom Frankowski, a 29-year member of Quad/Graphics’ U.S. manufacturing operations, has been named QuadWinkowski President. In this role, Mr. Frankowski will oversee all day-to-day operations of the company. He already has been working with Winkowski for more than 1 year.

Tim Ohnmacht, a Quad/Graphics Sales executive with 14 years print-industry experience, joins QuadWinkowski's Sales team as Vice President of Sales & Marketing where he will have responsibility for European business sales development. He will collaborate closely with recognized and established Sales leaders Dariusz Tomczak and Anna D³ugaszewska, who remain in their current roles as Vice President of Sales and International Sales Director, respectively.

Chuck DuPont, a Quad/Graphics financial and business analyst, has been named QuadWinkowski Vice President of Finance. In this role, Mr. DuPont will draw on his 23 years of print-industry experience to oversee all aspects of QuadWinkowski financial management.

QuadWinkowski's Management Board, which directs operations and business strategy, will have strong representation from existing company leaders and be augmented with some new leaders. Management Board members are:

  • Tom Frankowski, President
  • Tim Ohnmacht, Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Dariusz Tomczak, Vice President of Sales
  • Chuck DuPont, Vice President of Finance
  • Barbara Bornikowska, Vice President of Accounting
  • Andrzej P³atek, Director of Facilities
  • Jakub Dylag, Plant Director for QuadWinkowski's Wyszków plant
  • Tomasz Kedziora, Plant Director for QuadWinkowski's Pi³a plant

Capital Investments
Experienced in the challenges – and opportunities – of swift growth, Quad/Graphics has been proactively sharing best practices in large-scale manufacturing with Winkowski to better serve clients. Within the last year alone, QuadWinkowski has automated press deliveries and binding equipment, among other processes, at the company's plants in Wyszków and Pi³a. The company also has adopted a real-time scheduling program that manages all client work, capacity and equipment, ensuring jobs are completed on time with all critical components completed.

Now, QuadWinkowski is investing 35 million USD (72 million PLN) in new equipment and facility upgrades. Over the next year, the company will enhance product quality and overall productivity with the installation of numerous press conveying, stacking and palletizing systems; multiple press cover production systems; several polywrapping machines as well as expanding value-added capabilities such as inline gluing in Press, and inline labeling and card feeding, and ink jetting in Finishing.

"We are leading the future of print in Europe in terms of efficiency, quality and customer service," Mr. Winkowski said. "Our geographic location is an advantage, too. We export efficiently to Western and Central Europe and are now even expanding into parts of Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine."

About QuadWinkowski
QuadWinkowski ( is Central Europe's largest commercial printer. The 10-year-old company has been affiliated with Quad/Graphics since 1998 and provides advanced print-production services including digital imaging, web offset and sheetfed printing, finishing and distribution for a wide variety of clients including Edipresse, Agora, Polityka, Burda, Egmont, Bonnier, Hachette Filipacchi, Marquard Media, catalogs Orvis, Lego, IKEA HomeShopper, Tupperware, and Music & Memories; and newspaper inserts/circulars for METRO AG, Auchan and E.Leclerc. It exports nearly 40 percent of the work it produces on behalf of its clients. QuadWinkowski employs more than 1,700 employees among print-production facilities in Wyszków and Pi³a, and its corporate headquarters in Warsaw. Annual sales are approximately 600 million PLN (275 million USD).

About Quad/Graphics
Quad/Graphics ( is the largest privately held printer of magazines, catalogs and other commercial products in the Western Hemisphere, and the third-largest printer – public or private – in the nation. Headquartered in Sussex, Wisconsin (26 miles west of Milwaukee), the company provides services ranging from front-end design and photography through digital imaging, printing, finishing, mailing/distribution, and data-driven marketing solutions such as data optimization and analytics. In addition to QuadWinkowski in Poland, the company has print partnerships in Argentina and Brazil. Annual sales are in excess of 2 billion USD (4.4 billion PLN). Worldwide employment is approximately 13,000 people.

Biographies of QuadWinkowski’s Top Leaders

Tadeusz Winkowski
Chairman of Supervisory Board, QuadWinkowski

Mr. Winkowski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of QuadWinkowski, founded his company in 1998 by merging Zaklady Graficzne in Pi³a and Superkolor in Warsaw. At the same time, U.S.-based printer Quad/Graphics became a partner in the business and, with additional investments, created the largest printer in Central Europe.

Mr. Winkowski was recognized in 2005 when he was named Poland's Entrepreneur of the Year by consulting firm Ernst & Young.

Mr. Winkowski's first experience in printing was during the 1980s with the underground press when Poland was under oppressive martial law. Mr. Winkowski was one of the top two people responsible for printing and distributing the underground weekly magazine Tygodnik Mazowsze (Solidarity Weekly). The magazine, which became the voice of the Solidarity movement, served as a reliable source of information (in contrast to publications controlled by the official press). With a circulation up to 80,000 copies, it was the largest underground publication in Poland between 1982 and 1989.

Following the abolition of censorship in 1990, Mr. Winkowski became one of four founders of Proszynski i S-ka, a magazine and book publishing company. As Proszynski i S-ka grew, so did its need for a reliable printer. With Mr. Winkowski's interest and background in printing, the company invested in printer Zaklady Graficzne and, later, Superkolor SA before launching Winkowski sp. z o.o. in 1998.

Mr. Winkowski studied philosophy at universities in Lublin and Warsaw, Poland.

Tom Frankowski
President, QuadWinkowski

Mr. Frankowski is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company.

For the past year, he has been instrumental in accelerating the introduction of best practices in workflow management, equipment standardization and automation, and other manufacturing operations at QuadWinkowski. Mr. Frankowski performs these same duties for Quad/Graphics in the U.S. as Senior Vice President of Manufacturing – a role he simultaneously fulfills while also acting as President of QuadWinkowski.

Other executive roles in his 29 years with Quad/Graphics include Director of Imaging Operations and Vice President of Imaging Operations.

Mr. Frankowski studied graphic arts management at Milwaukee (Wis.) Area Technical College, and completed the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School.

Tim Ohnmacht
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, QuadWinkowski

Mr. Ohnmacht is responsible for European sales business development.

Previously, he served as Quad/Graphics' Vice President of Midwest Sales for 6 years where he represented Quad/Graphics in the marketplace while overseeing the business retention and development strategies in seven sales offices.

Other positions in his 14 years with the company include managing all sales business development activities and sales personnel at Sales offices in Chicago and New York City, and serving as National Sales Director for Parcel Direct, a parcel expediting company Quad/Graphics founded in 1998 and sold to FedEx in 2004.

Mr. Ohnmacht was instrumental in establishing Quad/Graphics' International Sales and Production Department in the mid-1990s. He researched overseas joint-venture partners and introduced domestic clients to Quad/Graphics' existing international partners in Argentina, Brazil and Poland.

A graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis., Mr. Ohnmacht holds bachelor's degrees in economics and Spanish. He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Chuck DuPont
Vice President of Finance,

Mr. DuPont is responsible for overall financial management of QuadWinkowski's operations, including capital spending and long-range business planningfor accelerated growth on a global scale.

In his 23 years with Quad/Graphics, Mr. DuPont has served in a variety of accounting, finance and business development roles, including but not limited to Manager of Business Development for Quad/Graphics; Manager of Business Development and Director of Finance for QuadTech, the company’s R&D division; and Chief Financial Officer for Openfirst, a direct mail communications provider that Quad/Graphics acquired in July 2006 (now part of QuadDirect).

He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Accounting from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.


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