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bindery services, saddle stitching, inline finishing
Find your advantage  

Simplify the challenges of complex versioning.

Nothing is too complicated for our massive capacity. Our Finishing capabilities include a multitude of state-of-the-art saddle stitchers and perfect binders. We can confidently meet your scheduling needs, whether you have a small project or a large run requiring several machines at once.

More importantly, our stitchers and binders are equipped with plenty of pockets — as well as internally manufactured controllers that can bind up to 10,000 versions in one run — to make targeting your desired demographics a breeze. When used in conjunction with our ink-jet personalization prowess, you have a formidable method for grabbing the attention of your customers or subscribers.

Our binding lines offer:

  • Stitching in any orientation
  • Demographic binding, including covers
  • Ink-jet personalization in multiple locations parallel or perpendicular to the spine
  • Offline tipping
  • Inline tabbing
  • Inline demographic polywrapping
  • Postal presorting
  • Co-mailing

  • Are you an outside vendor supplying product? Please find an outline of our printed matter shipment procedure here.
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For more information about our finishing capabilities,
e-mail us.

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