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Looking for a printer that can deliver in Latin America? Look at our Latin American capabilities.

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Need print work done for Poland, Russia, Germany or other European countries?

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Interactive Print Solutions

Combine the power of print with the immediacy of mobile to engage customers at the right place and time.

Convert action into sales and raving fans.

Create an interactive print campaign using QR Codes, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality or Near Field Communication that drives sales and builds brand loyalty.

Many solutions. One partner.

As a single-source provider for the full suite of interactive print technologies, Quad/Graphics makes it easy to transition between campaigns that use different interactive technologies.

Interactive Print Solutions for Marketers
Interactive Print Solutions for Publishers
First Ever Entirely Interactive Magazine

Check out the first entirely interactive magazine issue as featured on the Milwaukee Morning Blend. Quad/Graphics and Milwaukee Magazine teamed up to make this dynamic piece that brings print to life by allowing readers to launch interactive digital content from the printed page.

An offering of Quad/Graphics Media Solutions.

Quad/Graphics Media Solutions helps you create experiences, optimize content, and connect with customers while improving efficiency, maximizing results, and increasing your brand's relevance in the marketplace.

> Learn more about Media Solutions


Experience interactive print on your mobile device with the power of Actable™!

The free Actable app interacts with print to automatically launch videos, view product options and accessories, even purchase. All you need is a mobile device, interactive print, and the Actable app!

Download the App

  1. Search "Actable" in the app store on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Download the app to your device

Getting Started

  1. Launch the app. (The app automatically opens your device's camera.)
  2. Point the camera at the image featuring the Actable icon as if you were taking a picture of the page. (Adequately frame the page with your device. Not too close or far away.)
  3. Hold your device over the image (NOT the Actable icon) and tap "scan" to launch the experience.

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