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Co-Mail Solutions
Find your advantage  


The greatest possible postal savings can be yours thanks to the technology advancements and industry leadership offered by Quad co-mail.

Since inventing co-mailing almost three decades ago, Quad has led the industry at every step of the evolution of this postage-saving process. Today, we continue to do more co-mailing than anyone else. We also have more co-mail resources and programs and the only true corporate program operating on the largest platform in the industry. That means you take home the greatest possible postal savings, mailing after mailing.

Co-mailing defined

Co-mailing involves merging mailstreams of several different titles to create one large mailstream, with all the pieces sorted and bundled in specific order. The Postal Service offers significant discounts for this sorting and bundling because it means less handling by the postal service. Once in a large-volume mailstream, you can expect additional savings through drop shipping, which utilizes special palletization to transport your mailpieces as close to their final destination as possible.

Thanks to economies of scale, robust file management and custom-built equipment, Quad/Graphics co-mail program gives you many options to get valuable postal discounts without jeopardizing versioning and messaging to achieve your marketing goals.

Continuous evolution to meet your needs

We have three decades of experience in co-mail, much of it running on systems and machines that we designed and built. As the co-mail leaders, Quad/Graphics continually improves the co-mail process and immediately passes along the benefits of each innovation to our clients while the rest of the industry tries to catch up.

Complexity Made Easy

Quad's exclusive segment optimization software is the key to managing complexity. It takes the guesswork out of determining the most efficient version combinations, which in turn results in maximum postal savings. For example, for our multi-mail Periodicals program, our segment optimization allows us to offer:

  • Low minimum quantities per version
  • No maximum on the number of versions allowed
  • Back issues can multi-mail as well
  • Three addressing options (direct ink jet, paper label, releasable label)

Don't worry about it

Our co-mail team manages the complete co-mail process including coordinating co-mail partners, data and scheduling across all our plants to maximize volume and opportunity for our clients every week. We organize your co-mailing and take care of all the details so you dont have to.

Innovation that works for you

Quad/Graphics is ranked as a top patent innovator by The Wall Street Journal; the only printer to achieve this award. We hold more than one dozen patents on the technologies and techniques that support all forms of co-mail. This exclusive technology allows Quad/Graphics to co-mail various trim sizes and thicknesses together without requiring changes to be made.

Better cost savings and delivery

Quad/Graphics' comprehensive drop-ship program has long consolidated clients mail to deliver greater volumes deeper into the postal system and maximize postal discounts. Our national distribution platform adds bonus value to co-mail participants by drop shipping pieces closer to their delivery destinations. In addition to greater postal savings and on-time delivery, your pieces arrive in better condition with less handling by the postal service.

Co-mailing not only helps reduce your postage costs today but tomorrow as well. Consolidating mail reduces the number of containers required for distribution. Minimizing the number of containers maximizes shipping loads.

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  Inside Look: Co-mailing with Quad/Graphics

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Please click here for the truth about co-mail.

Contact Us

Joe Bahr
Manager of Co-Mail Solutions
(414) 566-2286

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