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Find your advantage  

Precise and insightful data on delivery performance.

Knowing when your mailings are arriving at their destination is critical to your business. Accurate delivery information can help you make sound decisions regarding your staffing and inventory levels, or determine how you forecast your sales and time the distribution of your mail. Our sophisticated tracking services enable you to monitor your mailpieces every step of the way.

Use our monitoring and tracking services to:

  • Pinpoint the location of your delivery. Our trucks are equipped with a global positioning satellite system that can relay each truck's location within 150 feet, enabling our distribution managers to confirm shipments and delivery dates and times precisely.
  • Find out when your product arrives at the intended USPS facility. Keep tabs on which shipments were sent, including the number of pallets, sacks and trays delivered.
  • Ensure the timely delivery of sale-dated materials. For time-critical promotional pieces, verify when the mail arrives at a postal facility and monitor its delivery performance during your in-home window.
  • Track your bulk product. Confirm the quantity of product delivered to each destination, as well as the delivery time and who signed for it upon arrival.
  • Measure final in-home delivery. Use our comprehensive seed tracking program to gain valuable insight as to when a recipient has your mailpiece in hand. With hundreds of highly dedicated and responsive volunteers across North America, our automated program is a helpful tool for collecting significant decision-making data. It even offers your data in customized reports and access in real time via website.

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Phil Thompson
Manager of Distribution Business Resources
(414) 566-4731

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