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Do so much more with less.

Speed up catalog productivity. Eliminate bottlenecks. Prevent missed deadlines. Minimize costly mistakes. Our catalog workflow management system facilitates real-time, collaborative catalog planning and automated page production. It dramatically reduces cycle time to maximize creative and planning time and enable last-minute content and price changes.

We provide a simple interface for everyone in your organization and deliver a level of automation and communication previously unattainable in catalog planning and production. Our technology is designed to fit any business: hosted or installed.

  • Simplify management. ALL content images, logos, copy and pricing is centrally stored and managed. Content is either stored in the same place or our technology can be connected to existing databases to centralize content managed in other systems.
  • Easier planning. Central access to all product information used to plan a catalog, i.e., inventory, sales, etc.
  • Speedier page building. All content and assets for products are aggregated per page as a byproduct of the planning process. This content is made available in InDesign® to the production artist who can then automatically populate and format the pages.
  • Improved accuracy. After pages are built, any changes in the data (copy, pricing, etc.) in the database are automatically updated to the pages.
  • Smoother process. Automatically build schedules and track pages. Automated PDF page file creation and transmission, with annotation capability, is provided.
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