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Think Tank
Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO

Joel Quadracci
Chairman, President & CEO


Will the Exigent Rate Increase Be Permanent?  The USPS Delivers Disappointing News  Congress: No More Kicking the Can Down the Road  Showing Our Support for Postal Reform more >

We're Printers and Technology Integrators

You may have heard reports that print is dying -- if not already dead -- due to emerging new media. Well, I am here to tell you that reports of print's death are as exaggerated as they get. Print is very much alive. In fact, I will take it one step further to say there's a dirty little secret that you don't often hear from those enamored with new media, and that is ... print works!

It should come as no surprise that Quad/Graphics is leading the charge to make print even more powerful in today's multichannel media world. We are doing some really cool stuff, both within traditional print and showing our customers how to connect print with digital, electronic and mobile media to drive business results.

Our Interactive Print Solutions group has been developing some amazing technology. Interactive Print is part of our Media Solutions offering and is dedicated to establishing print as a starting point for remarkable interactive experiences. With a tap on an iPad or other mobile device, you can watch the solar system spring to life from pages of a textbook. You can observe (versus read) how to assemble a piece of furniture. You can examine all sides of a power tool and even listen to it run before purchasing. You can instantly renew a magazine subscription or purchase products from a catalog online. The possibilities are endless. Consumers like the simplicity and convenience. Our customers like the business results.

Part of our Interactive Print Solutions offering includes measurement and analytic tools. Advertisers and marketers need to know if they're spending their money in right places, so we offer sophisticated data analytics capabilities. With them, our customers can track what pages or products a consumer viewed in a print piece and perhaps even considered buying online. Based on that information, our customers can adjust their targeting strategies and overall marketing plans to get the most bang for their buck.

Consumer media preferences are changing rapidly and our customers are trying to keep pace, but it isn't always easy. Every day our customers are bombarded with offers to use the latest and greatest app dreamed up by a couple of guys tinkering in a garage. Sure, these apps may look cool, but our customers don't necessarily know what to do with them. They are asking, "How do I tie this in with my core print vehicle(s) in a way that supports my marketing plan and drives measurable business results?"

That's where we come in.

For years, we have been pioneering solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. We understand how to seamlessly integrate print with mobile technology to create a compelling call to action and drive response. We aren't just printers; we're technology integrators, and that puts us in a league of our own. Our sales team isn't out there just selling a product or service; they're out there consulting with customers and giving them viable options.

Print is not dead. In fact, print is very much alive, and we're proving it every day. And now, thanks to our ability to "program" print for interactivity, we are creating solutions that help our customers better succeed in this brave new world of multichannel marketing.

What could be cooler?

Seeing is believing! See Interactive Print Solutions for Marketers and Interactive Print Solutions for Publishers.

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