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A New Resolution

600 DPI Inkjet

There's a new option for reaching and motivating your customers and readers via personalized printed products. Take advantage of 600 DPI (dots per inch) inkjet to customize your print with high-quality photos, logos, maps, images or text. To the naked eye, 600 DPI inkjet resolution is virtually indistinguishable from offset ink. You get the same quality without the plate changes.

What's more, by using separate inkjet units with different DPI (e.g., 240 and 600) simultaneously, you're able to choose which personalized areas on your piece would benefit from the highest inkjet resolution possible and, conversely, which customized areas - such as the mailing address - would be served just as well with a lower-priced, lower-resolution unit.

Not to be overlooked is another frequent benefit of versioning via inkjet - lower postage costs when you combine your multiple versions into a single mailstream.

The availability of 600 DPI technology has been broadened with inline press application. Prior to inline press, 600 DPI was available via offline and laser. Quad/Graphics' Pewaukee, Wis., facility is the R&D location driving this new technology. Currently this solution is available in Pewaukee and may expand to other facilities in the near future.

Department store retailer Bon-Ton recently altered its print paradigm when it became Quad's first client to use 600 DPI inkjet. The retailer, whose eight store nameplates include Younkers, Carson Pirie Scott and Boston Store, employed multiple 600 DPI units to not only swap out its eight nameplates but custom offers tied to each nameplate as well. Some of the inkjet - including small, precise disclaimer copy - was printed on both sides of two die-cut cards tipped onto a 5" by 7", 4-page self-mailer, which was also personalized with 600 DPI inkjet. Bon-Ton went to the 600 DPI well again with a highly versioned 7.5" by 10.5", 8-page double gatefold insert featuring a customized tip-on card. The insert ultimately was polywrapped with other printed components.

"Marketers can further engage their customers on a 1:1 basis more cost-effectively and with the same high level of print quality they have become accustomed to," says Steve Jaeger, President of QuadDirect, Quad's direct marketing subsidiary.

With a 4.125" width image area, each 600 DPI unit at Quad/Graphics allows for up to 33" of simplex (one-sided) personalization across the web width. The length of personalization is limited only to the length of the piece, based on the cutoff size of the press. The inkjet units can be positioned on the press to offer duplex (two-sided) personalization.

The 600 DPI units use TrueType fonts and can print in black and, in the near future, other colors. Inks are water-based and perform equally well on coated and uncoated paper. Inkjet and offset ink are applied to the paper web independent of each other and through different processes but on a single pass of the web through the press.

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