Corporate Social Responsibility

Sharing our success by taking better care of the world we live and work in.


A company, like a child, takes on a life of its own. What the whole becomes is determined by the knowledge, experience, ideas and sweat of individuals joined in the common enterprise. Like the humans from whom it evolves, the new life needs to be nurtured continually in soul and mind and body.

Harry V. Quadracci Founder, 1936-2002

Social Impact

Making a Difference

Our employees combine their resources, time and individual talents for the greater good of our workplaces and the communities we call home.

There are many ways we make a difference, such as investing in our own skills and potential, supporting local causes, and fostering business partnerships based on openness and trust.

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By giving back to the community, we create bridges between one another, so our work and personal life are related. It shows what we can do when we take care of one another.

Dan Frankowski
Plant Director

Economic Impact


Safety, quality, cost, delivery, environment – we’re trying to bring these areas into real time, looking daily at conditions and metrics on every part of the customer’s value stream.

Mike Stark
Director of Lean and Continuous Improvement

Better Performance Through Innovation

Combining disruptive innovation with disciplined management, we sustain a culture of opportunity and growth for customers, employees, shareholders and supply partners.

By taking ownership, we are better able to pursue strategic growth opportunities, control asset security and continually improve with a forward-thinking strategy that creates value and maximizes profitability.

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Environmental Impact


Pioneering Sustainable Change

From material sourcing to product end of life, we apply a mindset of innovation toward a sustainable business – and world.

We pioneer processes and materials to lower our carbon footprint. We educate employees to make informed decisions and find creative solutions. And we evaluate our environmental performance continuously as we evolve.

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Enlightened environmentalism means empowering everyone to drive change. It’s not just the environmental folks here at Quad, it’s our people on the plant floor, our office staff, engineers – everyone.

Tom Estock
Director of Environmental Management