Economic Impact


I don’t think there is any right way or wrong way to run a business, but if there’s a monument to be made, it’s the values that are instilled in the business. And hopefully those values will live long after me.

Harry V. Quadracci Founder, 1936-2002

Ready, fire, aim

That’s how our founder, Harry V. Quadracci, summarized the blend of disruptive innovation and disciplined business practices that inspire us to rewrite industry norms and create meaningful value.

It’s a formula we still follow today, building a foundation of prosperity that transforms the power of print and digital media into an economic engine that benefits us all.


In a mature industry, growth has to make compelling economic sense, and it needs to create value in the future.

John Fowler Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy & Corporate Development

Pursuing disciplined growth

Growth is both risky and essential in today’s competitive marketplace. So we take a disciplined approach that maximizes earnings and shareholder value by using our assets wisely and maintaining a strong balance sheet. The result is a sound financial foundation that gives us security and the capability to navigate change.

Driven by an ordered but aggressive acquisition strategy, we continue to add global bench strength and capacity to lower total costs and increase response for our customers.

Each day, we reimagine our business to meet our changing customer needs. Through expanding our print base with options for rapidly evolving new media channels, and making shifts in strategy to tap emerging markets, we’re rewriting opportunities to benefit our customers – and ourselves.


Continuous improvement is a journey. We’re committed to challenging our mindset every day, building an environment where it is ingrained to eliminate problems, find a better way and celebrate improvements.

Mike Stark Director of Lean and Continuous Improvement

Continuously improving

We cultivate a daily culture of continuous improvement and innovation that reflects our core values and is fueled by customer expectations. Or, as we call it, our journey to “find a better way.”

Aligning corporate strategy with the shop floor, we constantly monitor metrics in the value stream – including safety, quality, cost and delivery – to find ways to improve efficiencies and performance.

Improving in real time is our everyday mindset. We accomplish this by combining daily war-room meetings to resolve issues, collecting information to find root causes, and tapping group intelligence to reduce waste and cost throughout the company.

Quad is essentially now a data stewardship company, with the most comprehensive controls in the industry. We’re responsible for the intellectual property and digital information of thousands of customers internationally. 

Director of Compliance

Securing physical and digital assets

Today’s changing world brings heightened responsibilities to manage risk, ensure resiliency and reduce exposure. We understand the importance of protecting the critical data and intellectual property our customers entrust to us. Equally critical is safeguarding a reliable, sustained business operation.

Our information security program is robust and protects our platform from unauthorized access by offering the printing industry’s most comprehensive, certified privacy and information security available. We also maintain rigorous contractor, business partner and employee risk controls.

In addition, our facilities are protected with best-in-class physical and data controls. We also maintain and test disaster recovery plans to ensure reliable capacity and continuity.


Doing the right thing just naturally pays off economically. When you’re honest, transparent and respectful, people are willing to work with you, and it makes your business more sustainable. We can afford to do the right thing because we look at our business both short- and long-term and here for generations to come.

John Fowler Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy & Corporate Development

Operating with integrity

At the heart of Quad/Graphics lies a set of well-defined values that guide every aspect of how we do business: Have fun. Make money. Trust in trust. Do the right thing. Do things for the rose. Innovate. Grow. These values, established by our founder, the late Harry V. Quadracci, guide how we, as a responsible company, go to market. These values form the soul of Quad.

From the beginning, our company has had consistent ownership, allowing a tremendous continuity of management. Our leaders are still here to see the results of their decisions, so there’s a sense of long-term obligation to our shareholders, our employees and our values system.