Our Leadership

We are a strong, healthy company. We have the best employees backed by the best management team in the industry.

Joel Quadracci Chairman, President & CEO

Meet Quad’s leadership team

Quad is led by an experienced leadership team with a proven track record in the printing industry that is committed to preserving the company's values-based culture while delivering on our brand promise: Performance through Innovation.

The senior management team includes individuals with long tenure with the company and industry. Their depth of expertise, along with a solid long-term perspective, propels us forward in this ever-changing industry.


  • Chairman-President-and-CEO

    Joel Quadracci

    Chairman, President & CEO

    Joel guides the overall strategic growth and success of Quad/Graphics, continuing the tradition of family leadership at the company founded in 1971 by his father, the late Harry V. Quadracci.

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  • Chief-Operating-Officer-and-President-of-Quad-Europe

    Tom Frankowski

    Chief Operating Officer

    As COO, Tom is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive operating growth strategy with direct responsibility for revenue generation, manufacturing and distribution operations, sustainable cost management, business profitability and efficiency.

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  • EVP-and-Chief-Financial-Officer

    Dave Honan

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    Dave oversees all of Quad’s financial-related strategies and activities, including accounting, finance, treasury, tax, risk and investor relations, procurement and corporate development.

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  • Eric Ashworth President of BlueSoho and Media Solutions

    Eric Ashworth

    Executive Vice President of Product Solutions & Market Strategy, and President of BlueSoho

    As an Executive Vice President, Eric plays a pivotal role in creating and advancing strategies that support Quad's ongoing transformation. He also leads our BlueSoho business that helps clients coordinate complex cross-media programs, and our In-Store Marketing operations.

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  • Renee Badura

    Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing

    Renee is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Quad/Graphics’ sales and marketing efforts to ensure a coordinated, client-focused approach to sales management and strategy.

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  • Vice-President-and-General-Counsel

    Jennifer Kent

    Executive Vice President of Administration & General Counsel

    Jennifer plays a vital role in setting the company’s strategic direction, working with company executives and business unit leaders to understand industry challenges and opportunities, and advance the company’s overall goals for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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  • President-of-Logistics-and-VP-and-Treasurer

    Kelly Vanderboom

    Executive Vice President, President of Logistics & Treasurer

    As an Executive Vice President, Kelly plays an instrumental role in determining the strategic director of the company. He also serves as President of Logistics, where he directs all of Quad’s distribution activities, and Treasurer, where he oversees financial planning and forecasting, financing, capital expenditures, and maintaining relationships with lending institutions.

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  • EVP-President-of-Direct-Marketing-and-Chief-Information-Officer

    Steve Jaeger

    Chief Information Officer

    Steve oversees the company's Information Technology division, directing the development and deployment of Smartools and advanced software applications to assist clients with their workflow and data management needs.

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  • VP-of-Sales-Administration

    Don McKenna

    Senior Vice President of Sales Administration

    Don's responsibilities encompass all processes that bridge the selling process to plant operations, including estimating, pricing and deal approval; scheduling; and design innovation, account support and reporting with a focus on continuous improvement.

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  • Senior-VP-of-Manufacturing

    Daren Robarge

    Senior Vice President of Manufacturing

    Daren manages production operations, including Press, Finishing, Distribution and Production Support, across our core business units of Publications, Catalogs, Retail Inserts, Books and Directories.

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  • President-of-QWExpress

    Jeff Duening

    President of QuadExpress and Vice President of Sales for Logistics Services

    Jeff directs operations for Quad’s global freight forwarding business, including ground expediting, domestic and international air freight, ocean freight, truckload, LTL and intermodal.

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  • Jakub Dylag

    President of Quad/Graphics Europe

    Jakub oversees the day-to-day operations, growth and success of our European operations, which are based in Poland.

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  • VP-of-Customer-Experience

    Kent Brooks

    President of Publishing Solutions

    Kent is responsible for our long-run Publication, Special Interest Publication, Book and Directory businesses. Quad/Graphics’ Publishing Solutions create client value from integrated solutions that increase reader engagement, streamline production services and reduce costs.

  • General-Manager-of-publications-and-catalogs

    Tim Ohnmacht

    President of Marketing Solutions

    As President of Marketing Solutions, Tim is responsible for leading our Retail Insert, Catalog, Direct Mail and Commercial & Specialty businesses.

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  • Jeanne Scheide

    Operating President

    Jeanne brings over 25 years of operations and health care experience to QuadMed as our operating president.

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  • VP-of-Finishing

    Dylan Blohm

    Vice President of Production

    Dylan oversees Press and Finishing operations across the company’s nationwide network of printing plants, including magazine, catalog, retail insert, direct marketing, book and commercial & specialty production facilities.

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  • Dana Gruen

    Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel

    Dana is responsible for ensuring Quad/Graphics maintains ethical and compliant business practices. She also oversees several functions within the Legal department including labor and employment, employee benefits, litigation, safety, environmental and security.

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  • Brian Johnson

    Vice President of Client Experience

    Brian is at the forefront of Quad’s efforts to serve our clients beyond their expectations, leading our overall customer service strategy and organization.

  • VP-of-Production-Support

    Mike Krzykowski

    Vice President of Production Support

    Mike oversees a wide range of critical support services and functions that keep our operations running well, including maintenance; building services; design and construction; and engineering services, including CAD services and energy management.

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  • Colleen Mayer

    Vice President of Marketing

    Colleen uses her 25-plus years of strategic marketing experience in both the consumer and business-to-business industries to lead Quad’s marketing strategy, analysis, planning and execution.

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  • VP-of-the-Program-Management-Office

    Joe Muehlbach

    Vice President of the Program Management Office

    Joe leads our efforts to integrate the operations of acquired companies and businesses into the Quad platform. He is responsible for integration-related strategic planning and execution, including providing leadership, coaching, resources and communications to support the work of multiple integration teams.

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  • VP-of-Human-Resources

    Nancy Ott

    Vice President of Employee Experience

    Nancy oversees all aspects of our Human Resources function, including leading the development and implementation of programs and policies that benefit Quad’s worldwide workforce.

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  • VP-of-Marketing-and-Communications

    Maura Packham

    Vice President of Corporate Communications

    Maura is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive internal and external communications strategy that amplifies Quad’s employer brand and emphasizes the company’s mission, vision and values to various company stakeholders.

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  • Artell Smith

    Vice President of Talent

    Artell is responsible for talent acquisition and management, which includes sourcing and securing top talent as well as managing the entire talent lifecycle, including training and development.

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  • VP-Corporate-Controller-and-Chief-Accounting-Officer

    Tony Staniak

    Vice President of Financial Planning, Advanced Analytics & Finance Continuous Improvement

    Tony is responsible for Quad/Graphics’ print and print-related financial planning and advanced analytics, BlueSoho finance, Finance Department continuous improvement efforts, as well as oversight of the Corporate Credit and Accounts Payable departments.

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