If we are the best at what we do, through our ingenuity and innovation we will help our customers grow their top line.

Harry V. Quadracci Founder, 1936-2002

The industry innovator

From day one, we have had a single purpose: to do things differently and better. So it’s no surprise that we’re at the forefront of industry firsts worldwide, driving better performance for our clients through innovation.

If you are looking for “a better way,” we’ll be right at your side. In fact, more often than not, we’ll be leading the way. Holding down the total cost of print and distribution. Maximizing the effectiveness of your print content. And connecting it with other media channels to improve your performance.

We are so much more than ink on paper. Let us prove it to you. Through continual innovation, we’ll provide real solutions to help you save more, sell more and connect more powerfully with your consumers.


Innovation is in every department. It’s in every person, no matter what their role here. That’s how we keep our clients one big step ahead of their competition.

Tom Frankowski Chief Operating Officer, Quad/Graphics

Innovative people drive performance

As industry leaders, we’re the only printer with a dedicated research and development (R&D) subsidiary, QuadTech. That keeps us – and you – on the leading edge of industry innovation. You benefit from our breakthrough solutions well before they even occur to other printers.

But we don’t rely exclusively on our R&D division for groundbreaking ideas. Our culture empowers employees to think like owners and generate value-added solutions for customers.

The Quad Idea Catapult is a formal system to harvest and incubate ideas from our employees. For example, an idea from a press employee resulted in an automated quality control process that reduces errors. That’s the kind of forward thinking we cultivate.

Everyone at Quad is an innovator, driving better performance for our clients.

Distribution is the biggest cost driver in our business. Quad works to minimize these costs with the efficiencies of co-mail, and by continually lobbying with the Postmaster to try to keep rates as low as possible.

Business magazine publisher

Innovation helps you save more

We continually innovate new ways to solve your biggest business challenges, saving you both time and money. Just a few examples:

  • Achieve faster time to market and the greatest possible postage and transportation savings with our mailing expertise, freight muscle and the largest volume in the industry.
  • Reduce inventory obsolescence and better control your bottom line with digital print-on-demand services for commercial and specialty, and book applications.
  • Make even the most complex campaigns simple to execute with custom-built kits put together exactly as you need them at the point of purchase.
  • Get the fastest, most cost-effective solution for creating digital versions of your print – and the most interactive features in the marketplace – with our next-gen print-to-web technology.
  • Save time and money, and connect seamlessly to our production processes, with our online workflow solutions. Streamline your entire production, creating and managing content for multiple channels faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Quad consistently finds ways to support our vision even though it can be outside of the traditional way of doing things.

National catalog retailer


Innovation helps you sell more

Maximize your ROI with innovative solutions designed to engage your customers on a deeper level, increase response, build brand loyalty and generate more revenue.

Partner with us to create and deliver breakthrough communications that deliver solid results:

  • Maximize the power of your print and take advantage of consumer data to create high-impact, highly personalized content that speaks one-to-one with your consumers.
  • Create eye-popping in-store signage that drives sales and brand loyalty.
  • Develop more profitable retail inserts that generate sales from website to cash register, integrating media channels to ensure better return on your marketing dollar.
  • Connect your content across print, digital, mobile, electronic and other media channels – however, whenever and wherever it will best engage your customers and drive response.