Our People


I am Quad Proud because I'm part of a team of exceptional people, whose dedication and strong work ethic propel me to give my best for our customers at all times.

Guerney Berry Lead Plant Scheduler, Nashville

A company with a soul

At Quad, we have a distinct culture that empowers every one of our employees to think and act like an owner. With a can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, we deliver innovative solutions that drive world-class performance for both our customers and ourselves.

Many companies claim that their employees are their greatest asset. We’ve got the proof. That’s the Quad Difference. Discover how our employees put it into action.


You don’t hear people at Quad say, 'That's not my job.' It's everybody's job here to do the best we can for our customers.

Kris Thomas Customer Service Manager

Help clients succeed

Hired as a trainee right out of college, Kris Thomas has been with us for 24 years. Her role as a customer service representative at The Rock, Georgia, plant is not a job, she says. It's her career. This is her company. This is her family. And she feels a personal responsibility to give it her very best.

"You don't hear people at Quad say, 'That's not my job.' It's everybody's job here to do the best we can for our customers," she says. "If help is needed on the production floor, I’ll go down and pack boxes or inspect product. I’ll jump in and do my part to help the team, wherever needed. My job is to help my customers succeed in their business. That's how we succeed in ours."


Everyone here is empowered to innovate. Everyone wants to make a difference.

Monte Rose Research and Development Manager

Innovate solutions

"I often think about that saying, 'May you live in interesting times,'" says Monte Rose, research and development manager for our Media Solutions group. With 40+ years in print – with almost 30 of them at Quad – Monte has spent most of his career at the forefront of the communications revolution.

He especially enjoys helping customers bridge the gap between print and other media channels by deploying new technology. "Whether it's connecting print to email, websites, microsites, videos or virtual reality, we help our customers communicate with their consumers more effectively and efficiently."

According to Monte, great ideas come from everyone, not just the research and development gurus. "Everyone here is empowered to innovate," he says. "Everyone wants to make a difference. One of our slogans is: At Quad, we eat change for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's the excitement of living in these interesting times. And I'm just odd enough to really enjoy it!"


The difference here is that we treat each other like family and come to work with a positive attitude.

Bob Crump Mounter Operator

Think like an owner

"The difference here is that we treat each other like family and come to work with a positive attitude," says Bob Crump, a mounter operator with our Tempt In-Store Productions. As one of Tempt's first employees, Bob feels like an owner and takes personal responsibility to ensure a quality product.

"If you put people before profit, you’re going to get quality as the outcome," he says. "When you treat people like you want to be treated, expect the most of them, take pride in your work and believe in what you're doing, good things will always come."

"Tempt is a very young company and it's taking off," he continues. "From the beginning, we set goals, and every year we went above and beyond. It’s a wonderful thing to see and be a part of. When I go to a retail store and see one of our signs hanging, I say, 'Wow! That looks nice! That's something we did!'"