Our Platform

We give our business to Quad because of quality and price. Quad excels at meeting the weekly demands of a high volume publication such as ours.

A major media company

A platform built around your needs

Our people, equipment and technology make us an industry leader – and will help propel you to the forefront of your own.

Put the massive horsepower of our platform to work for you. No matter what your needs, we’ve got you covered, from magazines, special interest publications, journals and catalogs to localized retail inserts, highly personalized direct mail pieces, and even in-store signage and high-end packaging. We print and deliver with superior and innovative distribution capabilities. And we’ve got the technology and know-how to integrate your print content with other media channels, helping you get the most mileage out of your message.


Quad is always pushing the envelope when it comes to the distribution of our magazines.

Publisher of popular consumer magazines

Everything you need. Close to your target market.

The cornerstone of our exceptional performance is the seamless integration of our platform and people – who are wholly committed to your success – in your backyard and around the world.

With strategically located facilities coast to coast and across four continents, our people and platform are always nearby, giving you responsive local service for the print and integrated media solutions you expect of a global partner.

Our geographic coverage and economies of scale deliver cost-efficient use of the industry’s most advanced platform, faster speed to market, and significant distribution efficiencies and savings.

Quad has the best, most current equipment and technology.

An outdoor recreation retailer

We invest in your company by reinvesting in our own

We continually reinvest in our equipment, technology and people. So as you seek new and better ways to communicate your message, our people and platform are often one step ahead of you.

As the only printer with a dedicated research and development subsidiary, QuadTech, we put the leading innovations to work for you before they’re even on the market. That gives you a big edge over your competition.

Our flexible, advanced platform supports a vast range of traditional and digital print, leading-edge distribution capabilities and innovative solutions to connect your content to other media channels, pushing the boundaries of consumer engagement. Our technology delivers better quality in less time while minimizing costs.

For example, we were the first to install the world’s largest, most substrate-versatile sheetfed press, which offers a whole new level of in-store solutions for retailers and marketers that seamlessly complements our other products. Plus, investments in digital printing capabilities meet the growing need for shorter runs that need to be delivered faster and more economically.


Quad has bent over backwards to accommodate our needs, acting like a true partner to us. We will always support Quad because of it.

An emblem manufacturing company


We don’t just deliver a product. We deliver value.

Our platform maximizes the power of your print dollar, improving your results through innovative audience engagement strategies, faster turnaround times and reduced costs, which helps you increase impact and revenues.

As your partner, we’ll help you to deliver the most relevant message to your consumers, where and how they want to receive it. That sparks more powerful consumer engagement, higher response rates and increased return on your marketing spend. Boost response with highly targeted content. Use rich consumer data to achieve advanced versioning and personalization with our custom-built equipment and technologies. Economically deliver anything from short-run commercial or specialty print products to millions of direct mail pieces, and speak one-to-one with each recipient based on purchasing history or other known data.

Our flexible platform connects your promotions across all print channels. But our capabilities go far beyond ink on paper. We also connect your content with the online channels your consumers are using – as well as those they haven’t yet discovered. For example, by scanning an interactive direct mail piece or an in-store retail display with their mobile device, a consumer can directly link to a microsite, watch a product video or make purchases from your website.

Next-generation print-to-web technology gives you the fastest, most cost-effective solution for creating digital versions of your print.