Augmented Reality

Make highly interactive and engaging media come alive.

Give your customers personalized experiences that increase brand interaction and ROI across all channels and devices. With augmented reality, we can layer up-to-the-minute data onto your page or use consumer action to create offers on the fly. Connect with consumers through content and features, including 3-D experiences, videos and animation that pop right off the page. Augmented reality also delivers sophisticated analytics, so we can provide you with clear, actionable data about your enabled campaigns.


Unleash your brand potential

Reach the next level of consumer engagement by connecting highly interactive media with a scannable image. The printed page comes to life in your customer’s hand. Not only is it cool, but when integrated with your print media strategy and a powerful call to action, it is a meaningful and direct business driver that boosts campaign results.

  • Generate 3-D content that pops off the page
  • Add a “wow” factor to the customer experience
  • Add real-time information and 2-D overlays
  • Enjoy enhanced tracking and analytics