QR Codes

Make print your gateway to digital content, interactions and experiences.

Give customers a quick, easy way to connect print with your digital content wherever they are, whenever they want. Our team of strategists, creatives and developers can help you embed content that is scannable on any smartphone, and support one-click buying to simplify purchasing and subscribing experiences. We can even help you develop highly variable – and highly trackable – personalized campaigns.

QR code on magazine

Bridge the gap between print and digital campaigns

Prompt a purchase directly from an ad, launch an educational video, pinpoint your closest retail location – all from the printed page. Quick response (QR) codes are the virtual highway between your print and digital message. Support the power of your printed communications with meaningful digital experiences that enhance your customer relationships and drive results.

  • Easily connect print campaigns to mobile-friendly content
  • Feature immediate calls to action
  • Facilitate easy social sharing that builds community
Person scanning QR code with phone