Data Insights

Retrace your customers' steps to target your message precisely and significantly improve your campaign metrics.

Improve and expand your reach

Sure, insights and observations that arise from data analysis are interesting and compelling, but the true worth is only realized if it can be converted into actionable content. Lead your customers where you want them to go by understanding where they’ve been. Our data team bridges the gap between data analysis and campaign creative and messaging by:

  • Transforming your quantitative models into qualitative messages that incite the desired response from your target audience
  • Engaging consumers when pivotal purchase decisions are made by applying lifestage acumen
  • Applying our own Customer Focus® Research, providing keen insights into media channel preference and shopping behavior
  • Adding discernments about audience personas - what motivates them to take action, what messages, headlines, creative and colors resonate and inspire.

Our expertise in modeling, profiling and customer analysis drives segmentation and campaign versioning, leading to deep and meaningful personalization that connects with target audiences. Make your data work harder to increase campaign reach, close more sales and generate a better return on marketing investment (ROMI).

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