Mobile Apps

Make connections on the run by converting print content into digital engagement for smartphone and tablet devices.

Harness the power of a mobile app

"Within the past 7 days, 88% of Millennials read email and surfed the web."
CUSTOMER FOCUS® Research Study 2015

Download our Millennial Report to learn valuable insights about how Millennial shoppers engage with email, mobile and social.

The best thing about the mobile channel is that it gives you the potential to engage with your customers in real time, by location and complete with profile information. If done right, you turn mobile customer engagement into revenue-generating action. Provide them with shopping lists, interactive deals and coupon features to incentivize purchase. Include social sharing capabilities, allowing users to share content with friends on social networks.

Mobile adds an interesting layer of location-based push notifications to the coupon economy. Tap the ability to push content to people walking in close proximity to your retail location. Notify consumers on their mobile phones with a coupon from your store as they walk by, and watch store traffic increase when you do.

Mobile apps are becoming essential tools in both marketing and publishing applications. We help you think of creative and efficient ways to capture your customers' attention, enhance your offerings, entice people to buy and better connect using the power of mobile communications.

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