Co-palletization Services

Qualify for the maximum postal discounts available while improving delivery times.

Combine and significantly lower your postage expense

To penetrate deeper into the postal system and thus achieve faster delivery and lower rates, Quad Delivery Solutions provides industry-leading mail delivery programs. In the co-palletization process, we combine full trays of presorted standard class letter size mail from multiple mailings on the same pallet to obtain drop ship and deeper entry point discounts. By utilizing commingling with co-palletization, the deepest discounts can be realized while also reducing touch points by the USPS, resulting in lower costs and accelerated delivery for direct marketers.

By palletizing and drop-shipping your mail programs as close to their final delivery destinations as possible you realize the lowest achievable cost-to-deliver. Further, this expedited movement through the system reduces potential issues such as damage and loss, which come about with excessive mail piece handling.

If you are interested in this capability, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

  • Forklift-sorts-product-for-transportation

    Delivery Optimization

    Lower your total cost to deliver

    Ensure that your hard work will reach your customers and prospects on time and on budget.

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    Postal Consultation

    Help shape the future of mail delivery

    Speak out. Your voice is vital in discussions about today’s postal issues. Our Postal Consultation team works very hard to give you that voice, whether it is testifying before Congress, hosting our Postal Conferences or working hand in hand with the Postmaster General.

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  • Track-and-monitor-your-shipments


    Perfect your delivery

    Track your product from dock to doorstep with IMsight. You can staff up for promotional campaigns, better time your multichannel drips and measure response time.

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