Delivery Optimization

Design the ideal mail plan to flawlessly expedite the delivery of your print campaign.

Lower your total cost to deliver

Given that postal-related costs make up a significant percentage of campaign budgets, obtaining the most advantageous sortation scheme is vital. Ordinary postage lowering tactics can add days to cycle times and compromise in-home dates. Quad Delivery Solutions, with an unrivaled transportation network provides our clients with the industry’s best distribution model and lowest cost-to-deliver.

Achieve the optimum balance between postage and logistics costs and delivery of mail pieces to households within your defined time frame. Our single-pass model reduces mail handling and cycle times, and offers more predictable, in-home arrival intelligence.

Too many USPS postal rates to memorize? Quad has you covered. Download a current postal rate chart that includes up-to-date standard mail rates.

Click here for the current Standard Mail postal rate chart
Click here for the current Standard Mail NonProfit postal rate chart

If you are interested in this capability, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

  • Forklift moves magazines and catalogs for shipping


    Combine and significantly lower your postage expense

    Seeking ways to reduce your spend on mail delivery? Rely on delivery optimization solutions that move your mail through the USPS more efficiently. Quad is your resource with enough volume, expertise and a dedicated team of postal specialists to maximize your savings and reduce mail delivery cycle times.

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    Postal Consultation

    Help shape the future of mail delivery

    Speak out. Your voice is vital in discussions about today’s postal issues. Our Postal Consultation team works very hard to give you that voice, whether it is testifying before Congress, hosting our Postal Conferences or working hand in hand with the Postmaster General.

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  • Employee adjusts comail machine


    Mail at the Industry's Lowest Total Cost to Deliver

    Achieve the greatest savings possible by leveraging Quad's collective pool volume across our entire production and mailing network. 

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    Perfect your delivery

    Track your product from dock to doorstep with IMsight. You can staff up for promotional campaigns, better time your multichannel drips and measure response time.

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