Postal Consultation

Stay on top of how the changing USPS landscape will impact your business.

Help shape the future of mail delivery

Mail processes and postal legislation are chaotic. But the winds are changing, new leaders are emerging and new opportunities abound as the power of mail grows and strengthens its connections to the digital world. Creating the right balance between costs, operational efficiencies and campaign performance is the key to success.

Quad Delivery Solutions works diligently on your behalf to provide positive reform for postal-related issues that might negatively impact your cost or mailing strategy. We help you to understand, adapt and plan for postal changes – past, present and future – that are critical to your business’ success. Whether it’s campaigning on Capitol Hill, supporting industry mail associations or bringing together the industry’s most prominent leaders at our annual postal conferences, we do whatever it takes to put you in the best position to perform.

If you are interested in this capability, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

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    Mail at the Industry's Lowest Total Cost to Deliver

    Achieve the greatest savings possible by leveraging Quad's collective pool volume across our entire production and mailing network. 

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    Perfect your delivery

    Track your product from dock to doorstep with IMsight. You can staff up for promotional campaigns, better time your multichannel drips and measure response time.

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    Delivery Optimization

    Lower your total cost to deliver

    Ensure that your hard work will reach your customers and prospects on time and on budget.

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