Duplainville Transport

Partner with a true pioneer in print transportation.

Get delivery that’s quick, smart and secure. Duplainville Transport began in 1973 when our founder, Harry Quadracci, challenged all managers to find a better way to distribute our customers’ printed product.


Evolving to meet your growing needs

Today, this simple challenge has evolved into a fleet of more than 130 of the safest, best-equipped company and independent contractor trucks on the road. We meet the time-sensitive distribution needs of some of the largest retail and publishing brands in the world.

  • We invest in people with integrity and support them with the most advanced equipment around, backed by top-notch maintenance
  • Access the size, scale and expertise you need for focused, timely and undamaged delivery
  • Make sure your product gets delivered exactly the way you want with our dedicated, asset-based carrier network