Custom Products

Dimensional and detail enhancing innovations that grab attention, add shelf life to your printed materials and incent action.

Spark interest, encourage engagement

Create a lasting first impression, engage and interact. Custom Products disrupts the mailbox and newsstand with techniques that stand out from the crowd.

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Break through the clutter of a busy mailbox. Custom Products help you create stand-apart covers, inserts or ride-alongs that get noticed and increase response. Treatments such as pop ups and flaps, foldable pockets, gatefolds, repositionable labels or scented areas are just a few of the ways we can increase reader engagement. Consider textured coatings or glow-in-the dark inks to amplify your message and inspire readers to learn more about, and eventually purchase, the highlighted product.

Publication or catalog covers, brochures, retail inserts or print ads all benefit by incorporating a Custom Product that compliments your brand, and differentiates your marketing message.

Experience, combined with state-of-the-art innovation equate to an array of interesting, engaging and unique formatting techniques that easily incorporate within your print run, eliminating the need for costly outsourcing, lead time or additional transportation.

If you are interested in this capability, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

  • integrated labels in catalogs - used to save page of interest

    Integrated Labels

    Unique ways to engage your customer

    Increase interaction with your brand by giving readers an opportunity to flag what's important to them in your magazine or catalog with interesting and fun custom labels.

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    scent stripes in magazine advertisement

    Scent Marketing

    Engage the sensory power of smell

    Stand out in a mailbox or magazine with an offer your customers can smell, as well as see and touch. Incorporate scent into your marketing materials and provide your audience with an enhanced sensory experience.

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    custom inks and coatings on magazines and catalogs

    Custom Inks and Coatings

    Create a vivid sensory experience

    Custom inks and coatings offer a distinct visual and tactile effect that will enhance your brand, and set your print materials apart from the competition. Using custom inks and coatings turns your print content into a vivid sensory experience that will get customers talking.

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  • mini magazine, QuadALog, inside of a regular size magazine


    Advertisements that stand out

    Essentially a mini-magazine inside of a magazine or a mini-catalog inside of a catalog, a Quad/aLog highlights a single advertiser or editorial section, or sale items, new merchandise or a companion or partner title. Quad/aLogs get noticed!

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    pocket inside of magazine allows for blow in promotion storage


    Extend the reading experience

    Both practical and creative, PromoPocket™ appeals to a consumer's innate curiosity to see what's inside, increasing time with your brand and providing an extension to the reading experience.

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    two page newspaper inserts containing promotions

    Two Page Newspaper Inserts

    Engaging and Memorable Inserts

    Distinguish your newspaper inserts from your competitors. Make them noticeable, engaging and memorable with enhancements from Quad/Graphics.

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