LAMà Displays

Instant cardboard displays that, through patented technology, go from flat to fully deployed in seconds.

As a U.S. licensee of Marin’s® patented LAMà® displays, we provide brand marketers and retailers with consumer-engaging retail signage or presentation materials quickly, easily and cost effectively. The simple setup with virtually no assembly helps guarantee full deployment and maximizes your ROI.


There’s a LAMa display size and shape for every application. From eye-popping in-store branding solutions to innovative product displays, there are custom made LAMa displays to satisfy all your retail signage needs.

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Approved Supplier of LAMa Displays

As a proud U.S. Licensee of Marin's patented PoP displays, we can help elevate your brand.

Lamas can be used as countertop displays at the checkout aisle

The Mikro LAMa stand is an instant tabletop display with a big impact

Tabletop displays next to childcare aisle

The Mini LAMa stand is a versatile and instant countertop display that packs a big punch

Floor display that advertises sporting product

Standard LAMa floor displays go from flat to full impact in seconds


Unlike other cardboard displays, the LAMa display can be assembled in as little as 30 seconds. Simply take the LAMa stand out of its box, unfold it, and it pops into place all on its own. Some LAMas include add-ons to enhance the user experience. 

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Pop up display that features a tire in the stand

The LAMa display has the ability to be folded and unfolded multiple times - simple set-up, take down, & transport.

Pop up display in the automotive aisle and features products

Floor displays deploy in seconds, no training needed! Retail signage, simplified.


Most LAMa displays fold flat to 2 inches or less which means your entire marketing campaign arrives in a small, cost-effective carton. Because LAMas are ultra-portable, branded floor displays showcasing your product can be folded up and on-the-go to the next event in no time. 

Lama displays collapse down into a flat and easy to ship format

LAMas are portable displays making it easy to take with you for impactful presentations and demonstrations

Lama product display stand for beverage products

Cost effective to ship to one or more destinations – a perfect POP display!

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