Magazine Printing

Increase the performance of your magazine
and related publishing programs

Engage readers with the content they crave, in the channels they embrace.

"62% of Millennials prefer to read printed magazines."
CUSTOMER FOCUS® Research Study 2015

Download our Millennial Report to learn valuable insights about how Millennial shoppers engage with Magazines.

As the country’s number one magazine printing company, we partner with publishers to deliver editorial, advertising and branded content of consumer weeklies and monthlies and business-to-business, special interest, city or regional, association, trade and journal magazines.

Capacity and Experience for Magazine Printing Runs of Any Size

Our nationwide network of automated gravure, web offset and digital presses deliver printed magazines of superior quality, and provides production peace of mind.

  • Variety of options designed to cost effectively support the printing of digest, standard and tabloid size magazines.
  • Paper sourcing and strategic mill relationships deliver supply-chain efficiencies and cost savings. Learn more about Paper Savings here.
  • Grab interest by adding innovative, custom treatments to advertising pages that engage readers longer and inspire them to take action.
  • Integrated magazine printing and finishing network seamlessly optimizes the production cycle.
  • Finishing options that combine related, and personalized, content into one delivery unit per subscriber.

Arrive In-home or Arrive at the Newsstand at the Industry’s Lowest Total Cost to Deliver

Once your magazine printing needs have been met, you will be able to join the hundreds of titles reaping the advantages of utilizing our industry-leading mail preparation and delivery solutions.  With unrivaled capacity and volume, you will realize a seamless postal and logistics experience from delivery of your distribution plan to receipt of your mailing statements.

  • Delivery optimization software creates the ideal mail plan to flawlessly expedite the delivery of your magazine.
  • Single-pass model reduces mail handling and cycle times, providing more predictable in-home arrival intelligence.
  • Continual investment in our co-mail platform ensures you achieve the greatest savings possible by leveraging the collective pool volume across our entire production and mailing network.
  • IMsight™ mail tracking provides real-time insights into delivery so you can make better informed business decisions.

Solutions that Optimize Your Internal Workflow

Create, access and repurpose content easier and faster, shorten and expedite sign-offs and approvals. Create, modify and position advertiser pages quickly. Our workflow solutions are tailored to your specific magazine’s unique requirements.

  • Enhance communications across departments while streamlining production tasks and schedules
  • Digitally view, approve and distribute the finalized ads uploaded by your advertiser and agency partners
  • Convert print assets to digital formats for easy multichannel distribution

Our focus is on the future of your magazine and brand. With more magazine printing-capacity, more print, finishing and mailing solutions and more professionals dedicated to your success we are your ideal partner for magazine printing.

If you are interested in magazine printing, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

  • Special interest publications pertaining to gardnering

    Special Interest Publications

    Engage readers & inspire action

    There’s an audience out there craving the special interest content you’re publishing. Delight them with a boldly-designed magazine delivered in the media they prefer.

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    Employee adjusts comail machine


    Mail at the Industry's Lowest Total Cost to Deliver

    Achieve the greatest savings possible by leveraging Quad's collective pool volume across our entire production and mailing network. 

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    Custom Printed Products

    Spark interest, encourage engagement

    Create stand-apart pieces that drive response, from textured coatings and scented samples to pop-ups and flaps.

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  • Printing medical journals for a special audience


    Educate and inform

    Streamline workflows, shorten timelines, improve quality and lower your costs with our integrated journal solutions.

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    Publisher's Studio™

    Fuel your publishing power.

    Plan and produce more pages faster and more efficiently with Publisher’s Studio™, an intuitive workflow management solution that seamlessly connects your advertising, editorial and production departments. This will help you reduce production cycle times while extending ad sales windows.

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    Mobile Apps

    Harness the power of a mobile app

    Interact with your customers one-on-one via their mobile devices. Take full advantage of mobile connectivity and multichannel content delivery with customized mobile applications that put the power of your brand in the palm of your customers’ hands. 

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