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"62% of Millennials prefer to read printed magazines."
CUSTOMER FOCUS® Research Study 2015

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We are proud to be the number one printer of magazines in the Western Hemisphere. Innovation and performance are the hallmarks of our industry leadership across North and South America, as we partner with successful publishers who are redefining how content is created and delivered to new reader audiences. From the most popular weeklies and monthlies to targeted special interest publications, we deploy a full range of front-end Media Solutions, gravure, offset and digital press capabilities, and cost-saving publication mailing and distribution services.

Our focus is on your future and helping you set the stage for publication growth and channel diversification. Access the most powerful production platform in the industry for more capacity, more capabilities and more people dedicated to your publishing success. As your partner, we’ll help you get the best combination of quality and efficiency possible, freeing you up to deliver superior publications to your readers and advertisers at the lowest overall cost.

If you are interested in this capability, here are some other products and services that will create additional value.

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    Reduce magazine and catalog postage spend

    Achieve greater postal savings and timely in-home delivery with Quad Delivery Solutions. Comprehensive mailing solutions accommodate any size product, version quantity and addressing option.

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    Employee tends large roll of paper and sets it up to print

    Paper Savings

    Increase your buying power

    Eliminate the hassles and hidden costs associated with carrying your own inventory. Our Paper Services make selecting and sourcing the right paper for your project easy and cost-effective.

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    Custom Products

    Spark interest, encourage engagement

    Create stand-apart pieces that drive response, from textured coatings and scented samples to pop-ups and flaps.

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    Publisher's Studio™

    Fuel your publishing power.

    Plan and produce more pages faster and more efficiently with Publisher’s Studio™, an intuitive workflow management solution that seamlessly connects your advertising, editorial and production departments. This will help you reduce production cycle times while extending ad sales windows.

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    Mobile Apps

    Harness the power of a mobile app

    Interact with your customers one-on-one via their mobile devices. Take full advantage of mobile connectivity and multichannel content delivery with customized mobile applications that put the power of your brand in the palm of your customers’ hands. 

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