Link advertisers, agencies and publishers together with an online ad page portal solution

AdShuttle™ is our web-based advertising processing and delivery system that links the advertising world with the publishing community. Advertisers and agencies can upload finalized ads directly to AdShuttle™ without the hassles and time of sending overnight packages. Publishers can view, approve and distribute the ads online with a click of a button in our Publisher’s Studio™ ad management system.


Build ads into your magazine with ease

AdShuttle™ helps make ad page management easier and faster. It saves you time and money, helps you eliminate mistakes and reduces your staffing and related support requirements. Take advantage of easy-to-use online tools to receive and track ads efficiently, preview ads for correct size and position, route ads for approvals and more.  Ad size and position are checked before the ad is received, preflights are done, and ads are immediately available for review. Advertisers and agencies also benefit because they can submit ads to multiple publishers, titles and issues using a single login without any cost.

  • View, approve and distribute ads efficiently within an integrated ad page workflow system
  • Preflight ads for all correct page production criteria