Team uses asset manager program on computer

Asset Manager

Store, share and distribute assets with our complete enterprise content management solution

Asset Manager is a centralized system that simplifies managing and accessing your multimedia, broadcast, print, internet and direct marketing content in order to streamline multichannel distribution and marketing. It is quick and easy to distribute content globally – across all channels – while maintaining brand consistency.


Content management made simple

Consolidate all your assets in one place for faster repurposing, reduced cycle times and safer sharing. Together, we can use Asset Manager to create comprehensive pre- and post-production workflows, making your content more organized, searchable and recoverable. Best of all, you control and manage it all through a single, easy-to-use interface.

  • Speed up your review and selection process with real-time content you can share globally
  • Simplify the management and access of all your content assets
  • Produce on-demand, PDF-based contact sheets for images quickly
  • Search all assets by status, metadata, type and text easily