Marketer's Studio

Explore smarter ways to produce your catalogs and streamline your production process

Marketer’s Studio™ helps you simplify and automate your catalog production process and facilitate more effective communication between your merchandising, marketing and production departments, which increases accuracy and reduces costly rounds of proofing. Customize the system to your liking and build a better catalog than you ever thought possible. 


A smarter catalog

In addition to increasing your efficiency, Marketer’s Studio™ helps you analyze the effectiveness of your catalog through reporting functionality that makes each new catalog smarter than the last. Plug your sales data into the system and compare it against the real-time, square-inch allocation for each SKU. Monitor your success and evolve your strategy.

  • Connect merchandising, marketing and production seamlessly
  • Manage the complexity of rapidly evolving, highly targeted catalogs quickly and easily
  • Simplify your approach to editing copy, uploading spreadsheets and planning catalogs
  • Place product detail, pricing and copy straight onto the page
  • Retrieve relevant, automatically updated product information from all corners of your business

See Marketer's Studio™ in action