Publisher's Studio™

Plan and produce pages for publication faster, easier and more efficiently.

Fuel your publishing power. Eliminate costly mistakes. Reduce production cycle times. Extend ad-sales windows. Seamlessly connect your advertising, editorial and production departments with Publisher's Studio™, Publisher's Studio Express™ and the new Publisher's Studio Editorial™ publication planning solutions. These tools enhance workflow communication across departments while streamlining production tasks and schedules.


Increase your publishing horsepower

Enhanced issue mapping allows you to easily rearrange your pages to accommodate last-minute changes and late-closing ads. And when combined with our gateway advertising portal AdShuttle, ad files are preflighted and positioned with all of the advertiser’s instructions attached, which ensures accuracy and saves time.

The full Publisher's Studio toolset is used by many of America's leading magazine publishers. The Express version has been tailored to help Regional and Special Interest Publishers plan their magazines and improve their workflows across a smaller production footprint.  Publisher’s Studio Editorial is the newest extension designed to help editors more effectively compile and share information regarding the issues, stories and editorial projects they produce for print and other media.

  • Enhance communication, shorten production times, eliminate mistakes and track content across multiple channels
  • Share real-time updates across departments
  • Manage complex production issues and challenges with demographic and geographic versioning tools
  • Extend ad-sales windows in an integrated advertising portal with tracking systems