Team uses retail studio on computers

Retail Studio

Drive traffic, increase sales and boost your profits

Simplify and automate your marketing production process. Produce your retail inserts seamlessly and accurately while reducing costs. Retail Studio™ allows you to create and manage multiple versions, plan campaigns and events, and distribute your content across multiple channels. It’s a smarter way to market.


Build more relevant and efficient newspaper inserts

Retail Studio™ helps you to better manage the promotional details for each event, placing copy, digital assets and pricing at your fingertips. Versioning is easily controlled by assigning the promotional details to specific markets, accommodating both product and price changes. Highly organized, variable and efficient – it really can be this easy.

  • Connect departments and manage highly variable marketing campaigns
  • Organize product information, assets and copy quickly and easily for use in inserts
  • Eliminate errors as the system retrieves relevant product information
  • Link digital assets to product information