XML Manager

Repurpose, store, manage and distribute your print content across multiple channels and devices.

In today’s world, it’s not print vs. digital. It’s both – and more. Readers expect to see your content in print, online and on their digital devices. XML Manager helps you convert your print assets into XML for easy multichannel distribution. It’s the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective solution to leverage your print assets across channels while maintaining content and image consistency.


Efficiently store, share and repurpose digital content

Now you can efficiently store and share electronic content and images, and repurpose them as PDF files, ePubs, websites or digital editions. Monetize existing content by giving readers access to targeted information, both current and archived. Deliver content that engages readers and attracts advertisers across multiple channels. Increase production efficiencies through fast searches and retrieval of content from one centralized portal. Provide easy access to all content, both new and archived, with custom metadata fields to streamline searching. The automated workflow gives you the flexibility to distribute content across channels without adding costs or staff.

  • Convert print assets to XML for easy multichannel repurposing and distribution
  • Give readers access to targeted information, both current and archived
  • Easily reformat print content into PDF files, ePubs, websites, mobile editions and other channel deliveries