PDF Manager

Streamline your workflow and create a seamless preflight process.

Automate PDF creation to improve results. Create reliable PDF files to meet specifications. Automatically preflight and transmit files to the designated server, and track the documents through the preflight process. Add comments to the PDF using the markup tool and get automatic notification when comments are added.


Automatically preflight and transmit PDFs

Get access to status reports during preflight with interactive online reports, notifying you of errors, where they occurred and information on what has been done with the file. Once PDFs are approved, files transmit automatically in seconds. Files are transmitted – one at a time – in the background to the designated Quad production server, freeing space on your workstation.

Streamline the review and approval processes, and consolidate notes from multiple users, reducing the labor involved in the manual routing of multiple hard copies. Use a tool that is integrated into your network and day-to-day workflows to make your PDF creation process easier and stress-free.

  • Split multipage story lines into single-page PDFs
  • Stay in tune with each file through interactive online status reports that instantly notify you of preflight issues
  • View errors in real-time, as well as information about the status and progress of each file
  • Make comments to the PDF quickly and easily, and receive automatic notifications when notes are added