Photo Portal

Make image selection a team effort.

Quickly upload and access photography, make selections and create collections that can be easily shared with your team. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface manages original images and multiple renditions.


Collaborate, search and share images securely

Streamline image retrieval and review with a powerful search function. Update statuses easily to trigger notification or action from other users. Track recent activity with detailed activity logs for each image including annotation, views and downloads.

Download image files directly from the system either in their original format or in other file types. Distribute images to another system for easy conversion, or to archives in a digital asset management system.

With Photo Portal, users can collaborate, search and share images in a secure online environment. Collaboration on image selection is made easier through a powerful search function, allowing for better workflow and access for team members and overall improved productivity.

  • Collaborate and share images with multiple team members
  • Easily access, download and index digital assets
  • Streamline image search, retrieval and review
  • Edit, annotate and update image status to trigger notification and action from other users