Soft Proof Manager

Power up your page proofing and approvals – and save time and money.

Soft Proof Manager is your virtual proofing solution that simplifies color review and facilitates collaboration across your entire team. A web-based system lets you review pages from any location, or connect via a workstation-based system with turnkey hardware and software.


Web-based virtual proofing software

The system allows automated file delivery to and from the workstation. You can view, mark up and approve color onscreen using high quality, calibrated, profiled monitors. You have the flexibility to view files as an overlay or side-by-side. Fast markup tools, a user-customized annotation library and swatch library for color matching further improve review and consistency.

Soft Proof Manager allows you to make last-minute changes with total color accuracy. Simplify color review and foster collaboration across your entire team. Now you can easily and efficiently manage color corrections, reviews and approvals to improve turnaround times, accuracy and collaboration.

  • Enjoy the simplicity of easy-to-use markup tools
  • Improve collaboration by conducting secure, real-time reviews simultaneously at multiple locations
  • Eliminate the time, hassle and costs of hard-copy proofing