Optimized Mail Production and Delivery

SeQuel Response is a full-service, performance-based direct marketing firm that combines creative strategy and efficient execution to help their clients achieve improved results in the mail.


SeQuel Response had a tough challenge, but a great one to have: Customer programs were growing too large for their current suppliers to accommodate. A major client was moving funds from underperforming broadcast marketing to direct mail, and they needed a trusted partner to seamlessly pick up and excel. SeQuel also was looking for ways to drive postage costs down while increasing productivity.

With SeQuel’s monthly programs of five to six million pieces, inline solutions and postal optimization make a significant difference in cost and performance.


With five to six million piece monthly programs running conventionally, there was an opportunity to introduce inline solutions and postal optimization to make a significant difference in cost and performance. We were able to perfectly execute a short-run, highly complex inline test project that solidified an ongoing relationship between SeQuel and Quad.


With quantities reaching as many as 10 million pieces per month, the benefit of inline production is substantial. Coupled with our massive drop ship pools reducing their postage costs by as much as 10% translates into millions of dollars saved annually.

Quad/Graphics stepped in and helped us scale up our client's growing campaign efficiently, effectively and quickly. We are thrilled to have the unique expertise and vast capabilities of Quad as one of our core partners.

Jay Carroll Partner/CMO
SeQuel Response