Lead Nurturing and Conversion

An iconic international motorcycle manufacturer fulfills the dreams of personal freedom, bringing a commitment of exceptional customer experiences to everything they do.


The manufacturer wished to capture and enrich lead data to deliver highly relevant and timely offers to improve conversion results of leads gained through company-sponsored events.

Highly relevant and timely offers improve lead conversion.


Develop a highly-personalized program to trigger additional engagement in a timely and relevant manner and collect prospect data to enrich conversations. Our strategy included:

  • Lead capture and audience development
  • A multivariable communication plan
  • Delivering the program across multiple channels and in proper cadence
  • Measuring results to optimize rollout

While the event, web, phone and BRC leads existed, tools to capture, identify, survey and understand the target audience needed to be developed and automated. On- and offline sources were compiled in a central source to enable timely, relevant communication and nurturing. Captured leads were enriched by third-party data to enable personalization of customer models, scores and segments, competitive purchase history and dealer data.

Audiences were refined and additional online communication occurred as leads opted-in for email. A trigger-based communication plan was developed to incorporate testing of:

  • Speed to market
  • Lead profile and score
  • Source
  • Graphic treatment
  • Customized content and offer (gift incentive)

Deliverables included a high-velocity, fully variable digital brochure; personalized landing page to opt-in targets; email; and offer fulfillment based on opt-in. Automated data, content, template and creative integration includes variables based on bike interest, ethnicity, age and gender. The pURL microsite was built to host a landing page to capture additional consumer attributes and email opt-in.


Totals upon program conclusion (total ROI results remain confidential):

  • 212,305 pieces were mailed
  • 25 segments were targeted
  • 8,672 (4%) leads went to the pURL
  • 3,562 opted-in for additional gift offer and further engagement

We deliver multichannel communications that help you capture leads, convert them into customers and deepen brand loyalty.

Kathy Grmek Multichannel Consultant, Quad/Graphics