Welcome Kits Foster Loyalty

An American multinational automaker selling automobiles, commercial vehicles and luxury brands has been described by Forbes as “the most important industrial company in the history of the United States.”


The automaker was looking to refresh owner loyalty communications, starting with their Welcome Package, mailed to new car owners within two weeks of purchase. They wanted to create a personalized experience, eliminating a “one size fits all” approach. The kit had to be relevant to the new owner in imagery and messaging, promote dealer services and drive online enrollment in to their loyalty rewards program.

The fully customized owner welcome kit increased enrollment in the loyalty rewards program by 120 percent.


Quad created a data-driven program delivering a fully customized and personalized digitally printed mailpiece consisting of a letter, brochure, card with a key fob, hanger insert and closed-face outer envelope – a 5-way match.

Multiple data feeds, consumer files plus supporting tables including variable asset, text variation assignments, package list and forms, built the base of the automated production engine. The program utilized variable templates with 20 or more image or text zones populated by more than 50+ business rules-driven logic.

Each guide was customized to match the customer’s new car – down to the model, trim level and special features – and discussed special warranties and additional accessories applicable to the specific vehicle. The kit encouraged owners to register online to enhance their relationship with the automaker, and offered special discounts on local dealer services.


The mailing was perceived as a “must keep” reference item by the new car owner. As a result, site registrations to enroll in the loyalty rewards program increased incrementally by 120%. The high end, completely variable welcome kit was recognized with a Direct Marketing Association Bronze ECHO Award in 2011.

We partner with you to create a customized brand experience based on each consumer’s purchase behavior, driving engagement and loyalty.

George Lane Plant Director, Quad/Graphics