Addition of Print Improves Online Marketing

How do you take an exclusively online marketing strategy and reap extraordinary results with the introduction of direct mail? By applying Quad’s proprietary consumer research, data and market analysis in combination with tailored messaging and creative, Aquasana leveraged a media mix that optimized response and maximized its ROI.

An online retailer of water filtration systems, Aquasana’s sole focus is providing best-in-class water filtration products so every home can enjoy great-tasting, healthy water. The company is committed to staying at the forefront of water filtration engineering and innovation and as a result, their customers benefit from a variety of high-performance products that are affordable and safe for the environment.


Aquasana's digital marketing efforts focused on communications to two key groups – look-alike prospects and new movers. Thinking direct mail as ineffective, it was never considered as a channel in the marketing mix. The company’s marketing director, with previous experience utilizing direct mail, knew it to be effective to identify viable sales leads and increase revenue. While Aquasana's data contained some geographic and promotional history about its core customer, true strategic insights were lacking – a necessity to embark on building a successful direct mail campaign.

We applied a proven insights-driven marketing approach to help Aquasana launch an effective direct mail campaign in combination with its digital marketing strategies.


We applied a proven insights-driven marketing approach to overlay demographic, lifestyle and proprietary survey data to model Aquasana’s best customers. Using this data to glean insight on how prospective customers might engage media as well as their attitudinal references, we were able to identify new prospective customer groups, recommend data-driven creative and develop a contact strategy. Specific segmentation strategies combining a tailored format and messaging approach were rolled out in phases targeting look-alike households, relocated customers and new-mover prospects.


Aquasana drastically reduced its test and learn times compared to traditional testing methods and recognized results in half the time. The company avoided incurring operational costs to support limited test responders, and combined conjoint analysis including quantitative with qualitative insights to commission the “best of the best” in optimization. In calculating return on advertising spend (ROAS), Aquasana was able to measure gross revenue realized for every dollar spent, which was $1.50 for modeled prospects, $4.00 for new movers, $13.00 for relocated customers and $5.00 for customer upgrades.

Combine Quad’s proprietary consumer research, data and market analysis with dynamic messaging and creative to maximize ROI.

Marisa Marinelli Sales Representative, Quad/Graphics