Acquisition Efforts Expand

Since 1998, CAN Capital has been helping small- and mid-sized businesses get ahead through revolutionizing how to access working capital. A leader in small-business finance, CAN Capital has served businesses in over 540 different industries for more than 16 years while overseeing over 139,000 funding transactions.


Due to higher volume and more package flexibility needs, CAN Capital required a resource partner to grow with them as their new customer acquisition campaigns grew and quantities increased. They also needed a fully integrated solutions partner with omnichannel capabilities as their marketing needs are evolving into employing more channels than just direct mail. Their challenge was to find an industry expert to provide exceptional service and operate as a true partner and extension of their business.

Our expansive direct marketing platform, omnichannel capabilities and postal solutions provide CAN Capital with campaign flexibility and significant cost savings.


With several types of packages and volumes of around 900,000 pieces per month, CAN Capital required a business solutions partner that could offer innovative formats with increased efficiencies. CAN Capital relies heavily on our valued partnership for new package design ideas as well as our postal expertise as we offer unique formats and an unmatched national transportation network to provide them with the lowest cost to deliver mail.


Our expansive and varied direct mail platform, postal optimization and mail delivery solutions provide CAN Capital with the flexibility it needs as well as significant cost savings of around 40% overall between manufacturing, postage and delivery. Our ability to seamlessly integrate additional communications channels is also paramount as CAN Capital’s marketing needs evolve.

When your company is growing, our solutions grow right along with you - providing dynamic new options that easily integrate into marketing content deploying across multiple media channels.

Chris Seymour Sales Representative, Quad/Graphics