Improved Consumer Communications

A leading provider of pharmacy benefits management services for over 62 million people in the U.S. who have prescription drug benefits contracts with more than 1,000 organizations, such as insurance carriers, health management companies, government organizations, unions and other sponsors of healthcare benefits, to facilitate communication concerning pharmacy benefits. They also run one of the U.S.’ largest mail order pharmacies. Each participant in a pharmacy benefits program receives a Welcome Package that outlines plan coverage, co-pays and other aspects of the benefits program.

The company was efficiently operating a large-scaled “pick-n-pack” operation for Welcome Package fulfillment. Warehouse, labor and other program costs were skyrocketing as their business rapidly expanded.


  • Creating more than 2,500 variations of each of the Welcome Package components – brochure, letter, questionnaire, order forms and pharmacy guides
  • Satisfying customer demands for extensive customization of Welcome Packages to suit their members’ and employees’ needs; often at the last minute
  • Designing and managing changes for thousands of different warehoused documents
  • Satisfying rapid turnaround times for customers – typically 24-48 hours
  • Receiving and inputting handwritten changes for each mail service order and/or retail claim form for thousands of versions
  • Coordinating the printing, warehousing and mailing of static documents married with multiple inserts
  • Grappling with the lack of an automated mechanism for tracking, reporting and managing the material supply chain
  • Dealing with the cost, complexity and unpredictability associated with warehouse and fulfillment operations.

The company was faced with a substantial challenge: how to dramatically personalize marketing and other communications with its millions of customers while simultaneously driving down costs and improving return on investment.

Our automated benefits management system provides high customization, rapid turnaround and substantial financial savings.


We developed and implemented a fully variable, on-demand 4-color digital output solution that replaced the company’s existing fulfillment operation with a fully automated benefits management system.

We transformed the Welcome Package creation and distribution system by harnessing the power of our digital print technologies, and its robust data handling and automated intelligent insertion capabilities.

Our unique services provide high customization, market-of-one targeting, rapid turnaround, legal compliance and cost effectiveness. It also eliminates material obsolescence, costly warehousing and unnecessary infrastructure.


  • Substantial annual financial savings
  • Measurable reduction in cycle time – automated method to compile complex versioning and personalization that used to take 4 weeks in development
  • Significantly enhanced marketing communications flexibility – packages can be changed on the fly to incorporate language modifications (legal, marketing) – and elimination of large amount of waste from unused preprinted materials
  • Introduction of proprietary tracking and control system – never before available – that provides 100% accuracy and audits every document and package mailed
  • Automation of the most complex hand assembly work
  • Robust system to respond to 1,000+ customers on a daily basis – 30 million households, 62 million people
  • Integration of personalized marketing communication
  • Enhanced customer service capabilities – the company now concentrates on servicing its members with appropriate communications while the Quad team handles the output, tracking and delivery of those communications.

Harness the power of our HIPAA-compliant digital print technologies, robust data handling and automated insertion capabilities to deliver targeted marketing communications.

Lauri Sibert Director of Marketing Communications, Quad/Graphics