High Quality Print Contributes to Magazine’s Success

Garden & Gun is a lifestyle brand anchored by its award-winning national magazine. It covers the best of the South, including the region’s sporting culture, food, music, art, literature and people. With a national audience of more than one million passionate and engaged readers, the magazine has won numerous awards for its journalism, design, and overall excellence. The publication was launched in 2007. The company and editorial team are headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina.


Publisher Rebecca Darwin launched Garden & Gun magazine on the eve of the Great Recession and in the face of many headwinds that could have impeded its success. At a time when many publishers sacrificed quality to save money, Garden & Gun was challenged to maintain a formula of uncompromising quality in editorial, photography, paper, production and printing. The strategic goal: Achieve and maintain established high quality standards to win over readers and advertisers in a crowded lifestyle publication market.

In Quad, we have a partner that helps us achieve the quality that has been our hallmark from day one.

Rebecca W. Darwin, President & CEO, Garden & Gun


  • Quad’s publication web offset presses feature automated closed-loop color and related controls for superior print reproduction.
  • Quad’s Dedicated IOP (ink-on-paper) and QSR (quality service representatives) specialists work closely with the magazine’s staff to establish and maintain the highest quality standards by monitoring every issue for consistency.
  • Garden & Gun utilizes high-quality, matte finish paper stock. Quad’s paper and production teams work closely with paper supplier Sappi and the publication team to achieve the highest level of print reproduction on the unique paper substrate.
  • Press, ink and related production controls are calibrated to the paper used, plus specific instructions are supplied to the pressroom by the publisher and Quad’s supporting quality teams.


  • Garden & Gun has won numerous industry awards for excellence and quality, including the 2014 ASME Magazine Award for General Excellence.
  • It has become one of the country’s most successful regional lifestyle magazines, and was named the “Hottest Lifestyle Magazine” by Adweek in 2014.
  • Quad’s printing of Garden & Gun earned it a 2015 Printer-of-the-Year Gold Winner distinction in Sappi Paper’s 18th Annual North American Printer of the Year contest.

Our readers and our advertisers have high expectations for Garden & Gun and our brand. We are committed to meeting and exceeding those high expectations in everything we do

Rebecca W. Darwin President & CEO, Garden & Gun