Integrated Solutions Grow Store Traffic

A leading regional grocery marketer faced declining sales revenue and market share among six flagship stores within a key geographic market.


With competition infiltrating the region, the retailer needed to rethink and redouble its marketing efforts around these stores to increase store visits and basket size.

We built a multichannel campaign to foster greater store traffic, sales and brand loyalty.


Using our Customer Focus® research, we provided insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors toward grocery shopping and channels that influence their buying decisions. We then modeled data to create more insightful customer profiles for each store location.

Using proprietary targeting media planning software, we identified the client’s highest-value customers, where they lived and shopped. We built a multichannel campaign to drive greater store traffic, sales and foster loyalty. The campaign focused on broad reach, targeted messaging and greater consumer engagement.

  • Retail newspaper inserts provided broad reach with versioned coupons
  • Inserts2Online® repurposed print assets into web content
  • Direct mail delivered targeted and relevant messaging using a pURL call to action to capture relevant data and build opt-in lists
  • QR codes drove a mobile and younger audience to the web to download coupons and sign up for promotions or email alerts
  • Game pieces were distributed in-store to drive loyalty and store traffic


Based on store sales over an 8-week period, the grocer experienced a significant increase in foot traffic and coupon redemption, leading to an uptick in store sales. Locations utilizing direct mail and game pieces saw an even greater lift.

Informative data analytics and media planning software combine to deliver a targeted multichannel campaign that drives high-value consumer engagement.

Stephanie Stanton Director of Media Planning & Placement, Quad/Graphics