Travel and Hospitality

In a world that’s on the move and going places, we help people get where they want to go and assist companies in making the right connections. From innovative and integrated direct mail and email campaigns to unique content marketing formats, such as hotel or airline magazines, we can help you tap the power of print and integrated multichannel solutions to connect more, sell more and save more on your travel and hospitality marketing investments.

52% of Millennials would switch brands if they had a coupon.
CUSTOMER FOCUS® Research Study 2015

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Connect, Educate, Inspire

The need to travel has spawned a major industry designed to meet the transportation, accommodations and related dining and entertainment needs of today’s savvy travelers. Help inform their decisions and guide their purchasing behaviors. Connect them emotionally and visually to favored destinations using the power of content communications. Transport them from the comforts of their living room or office to the great destinations that beckon across the globe.

    • Efficiently deliver content that helps travelers make major decisions
    • Deliver timely marketing messages and support to travelers eager for the latest information
    • Engage travelers with a multichannel approach that provides real time access to information
    • Tap in to the power of personalized, one-to-one marketing
    • Support your brand with visually stunning and inspiring content
    • Provide branded marketing materials to franchise owners for keeping restaurant or agency signage, or customer engagement materials, current

We Can Help

We have a broad range of services and solutions – including catalog, magazine, directory, book, video and photography – geared to the special interests and needs of the travel and hospitality industry.

    • Travel catalogs, directories and guides help travelers make major decisions relating to transportation, accommodations and destination activities
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    • Travel books, magazines and related publication formats deliver marketing messages and support to travelers eager for the latest information
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    • Related and integrated mobile apps and online editions provide travelers real time, anywhere access to catalog and publication content
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    • Innovative direct mail and related e-marketing formats drive targeted responses to travel marketing promotions
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    • High-end sales and marketing collateral showcases dramatic destinations in a way that motivates purchasing and related decision making
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    • Our Qconnect portal enables franchise owners the ability to customize corporately branded marketing materials to their own location or clientele.
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