Variety of Printed Materials Aid Travelers

AAA was founded over 100 years ago for the purpose of lobbying for driver and passenger rights, fair laws and safer vehicles — all to better promote the love of the open road and the adventure of driving. Since then, AAA has grown to over 54 million members strong, while providing valuable membership services such as roadside assistance. Additionally, AAA has broadened its horizons to include all types of travel-related services, as well as offer a variety of insurance and financial products and services. Today’s AAA is a national federation comprising 44 individual motor clubs throughout the United States and Canada.


Today, approximately 25 percent of households in the United States have AAA Memberships and more than 28 percent of North American passenger vehicles belong to AAA Members. It sells $3 billion in travel agency services, and also distributes nearly 160 million copies of travel-related materials, making AAA one of the world’s largest travel publishers. The organization strives to most efficiently provide valued content to its members in support of its mission, and it also wants to grow its related insurance, travel and other services.

Retaining and growing membership, and expanding its services to members, are primary organizational drivers as well as controlling costs.

Maps were the essential starting point for travel, but today’s travel leaders like AAA use magazines, guidebooks, newsletters, direct mail and mobile apps to serve travelers.


  • Quad provides essentially all of the major book print services for the national organization, including the popular AAA Tour Books, Vacation Guides, PetBook® (petfriendly hotels) and more.
  • Quad provides efficient, timely and lowest-cost distribution of AAA printed materials to the nationwide network of regional AAA clubs and offices.
  • Quad prints a majority of the valued membership magazines for regional AAA club affiliates.
  • Quad’s multi-plant, coast-to-coast network leverages both gravure and offset process printing for lowest-cost print production and distribution.
  • Quad direct mail services are increasingly used in membership recruitment and retention efforts.


  • AAA sees benefits in costs savings for printed materials produced at the national organizational level. Quad's continuous improvement in print distribution processes helps control overall costs.
  • AAA members value printed materials and the organization reports that print drives higher recruitment and retention rates with its target audiences.
  • AAA is using print to expand its insurance and travel businesses.
  • Print has helped make the AAA Travel Agency the leading full-service leisure travel agency in North America.

The travel industry embraces innovations in print, with AAA leading the way.

Scott Kaczmarek Sales Manager, Quad/Graphics